Location :Scotland
Region :?
Country :Scotland
Type : Blended
Distillery : ?
Founded :?
Owner :Whyte & Mackay
Producer : ?
Water :?
Remark :From Collins Pocket Reference : Whisky
A &: A. Crawford was established as a whisky merchant and blenders in Leith in 1860. Although the original founders died before the end of the century, the business was taken over by their sons who were responsible for the launching of the successful Crawford's Three Star blend at the start of the Century. The de luxe Five Star appeared in the 1920's and was acquired b the Distillers Company Limited in 1944 and ownership subsequently passed to Whyte & Mackay in 1986.
Tasting Comment : A smooth, nicely balanced blend with light, malty flavours. The de luxe Five Star is a richer whisky with mild sherried hints.

Crawford's Three Star
Sorry no picture. 
Age : ? years old.
Vol : 40%
Type : Blend
Remark : None at present time. official Crawford's Three Star or related web pages.
URL : None at present time.

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