Cutty Sark


Location :?
Region :?
Country :Scotland
Type : Blended
Distillery : Berry Bro's & Rudd Ltd.
3.St. James's Street - London.
Founded :? - Etablished in the XVII century
Owner :Berry Bro's & Rudd Ltd.
3.St. James's Street - London.
Producer :Blended in Scotland by Robertson and Baxter subsidiary, Lang Brothers.
Water :?
Remark :

Cutty Sark is better known in the United States than in Britain, though it is an English owned blend of Scotch whiskies.

(Yes this it the whisky that names Cutty in the movie with Woopie Goldberg)



Cutty Sark
Blended Scotch Whisky
Sorry no picture. 
Age : ? years old.
Vol : 43%
Price official Cutty Sark or related web pages.
URL : None at present time.

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