Black Ram whisky


Black Ram whisky is a drink with a strong character and noble taste. The whisky undergoes aging in oak barrels with capacity not more than 700 liters. Combining the power of leading Scottish distillers and the purity and softness of the mountain water, this whisky is a symbol of exquisite taste.

Bulgarian liquor maker Vinprom Peshtera has registered an increase in annual consolidated revenue of 70 per cent, emanating from sales revenue amounting to a total of 82 million leva in 2008. In spite of that, however, the company's net profit decreased by 5.5 per cent on the year to 2.8 million leva.

The company's equity towards the end of 2008 stands at 51.8 million leva, with non-liquid assets estimated at 23.8 million, with 66.3 million in liquid assets, the company has revealed in an official statement, as quoted by

Other companies affiliated to Vinprom Peshtera are Omega Agro, Omega Agro Invest, ERP Konsult, and Peshtera Tourist OOD.

Vinprom Peshtera produces plum and grape brandy (rakiya) Pehsterska and Grozdova, Vodka Flirt, Bacchus wine, and Bacchus Cabernet Chevignon, Mastika Peshtera, Menta Peshtera, a Gin SIXth Sense, Black Ram Whisky, and Lion D'oR brandy.


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