Baker's Bourbon Whiskey Bottle


Location :?
Region :Kentucky
Country :USA
Type : Bourbon
Distillery : ?
Founded :?
Owner :?
Producer :?
Water :?
Remark :Made from the recipe preferred by Baker Beam, grand nephew of Jim Beam, Baker's Bourbon embodies over six generations of distilling experience.
Baker's Bourbon utilizes a special strain of jug yeast that has been in Baker's family for over 60 years.
This time tested yeast provides Baker's with a silky smooth texture and consistent taste from batch to batch.
The mix of grains, yeast and seven soothing years in new oak combine to give this bourbon a deeply mellow, richly flavorful, medium bodied taste.
Baker's is best served in a snifter with a splash of spring water.

Baker´s Bourbon
Sorry no picture. 
Age : 7 years old.
Vol : 53,5%
Remark : USA Kentucky.

Baker's 107 Proof
Sorry no picture. 
Age : 7 years old.
Vol : 53,5%
Price79,50 DM at The Whisky Store.
Remark : USA Kentucky Straight Bourbon. official Baker's or related web pages.
URL : None at present time.

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