FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Whisky

Due to a lot of questions sent to us by e-mail , we will try to answer most possible frequently asked questions about whisky here..

Whisky FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Whisky is divided into sections - hope you can use the information below for any type of question you may have.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Whisky
Price : Q: I found a old bottle of whisky with bla...bla.. bla.. is how much is it worth ?
A: Please se our page with hints here
Selling / buy whisky : Q: I live in ? and are searching for a whisky called ? where can i buy it ?
A: AWA.dk is a none selling, none profit whisky academy. For price, info etc. check our links to Whisky-shops or distillers
Aging :

Q: I found an old bottle of whisky in my cellar is it drinkable ?
A: Whisky do NOT mature or change while on bottle. If not exposed to exteame heat or cold it should be drinkable.
For other hints check our Whisky glossary

How old is awa.dk?

The website was established 28th of february 1998. So in 2018 we celebrate 20 years going strong. Members more or less drinking whisky since 1984... so lots of knowledge.


Q: Who updates and host awa.dk

A: Website is done by Gregers Inoue - https://www.inoue.dk


Q: Some of the photo's looks different and cool, what's the origin?

A: Most pictures are made by https://foto-labo.com/

Types of whisky : Q: What is the difference between whisky, whiskey , bourbon etc.
A: Please check our Whisky glossary for details.
alt.drinks.scotch-whisky FAQ

alt.drinks.scotch-whisky FAQ
> Where may I read the FAQ to this group?
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Q: The newsgroup is about scotch whisky. No?
A: The newsgroup is about scotch whisky, yes.

Q: Is whiskey spelled with or without an 'e'?
A: I think you just answered your own question there, mate.

Q: I don't know how much water I should add to my Ardbeg 22.
A: Send us your bottle of Ardbeg 22, and we shall return it filled with what we feel is an appropriate amount of water.

Q: The Ardbeg 22 you sent back to me is now perfectly clear, whereas before it was amber in color--what gives?
A: The newsgroup is about scotch whisky, yes.
Q: What to do with the Loch Dhu?
A: Word has it you can do the Dhu in the dumpster.

Q: What's with that funny perfumy taste with the Bowmore 12?
A: What perfumy taste?

Q: How many ice cubes should I put in my Glenlivet 1961?
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Q: How much Mohr could a Glen Mohr Mohr if a Glen Mohr could Glen Mohr?
A: You have clearly had one dram too many.


Q: Some says that alcohol kills Covid-19/Corona, can I drink whisky in ordre to prevent the virus?

A: We are currently testing a lot, to check up on your question!