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Searching for value and valuation of old bottle of whisky ?
Do you have an old, dusty bottle of Scotch whisky tucked away somewhere that you've always wanted to value?
Glenfiddich instant valuation tool holds the prices that many brands of whisky have fetched when recently bought at auction.
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What is the value of my old whisky Bottlings

Price and value of whisky bottling
Sorry but we are unable to give you an exact value of your bottling. There are millions of different bottlings, collectors value and different interest. We haven't seen a database with price information of world whiskies (like stamps and coins) !
Whenever we have time and are able to set value or price information on single bottlings we will update our Whisky index. But then again the price information is only a hint and it may vary from country to country and in time. (So please only use it as a guideline.)

We can recommend you to take a look at or in order to search for older bottlings !

The price information on our testpage or in our whiskyindex are guidelines and printed on the given time.

For real-time price information you should check the shops or whisky webselling sites.
or you could search on e-bay for whisky
bottlebooks if your are looking for value of empty bottle check : Digger Odell Bottle price guides sometimes gives you the value of old bottle or decanters..

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