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Location : Carbost, Isle of Skye. Loch Harport (Westcoast.) - Situated on the west coast of Skye.
Region : Isle of Skye
Country : Scotland
Type : Isle of Skye - Malt
Distillery :  Talisker Distillery
(Scottish Malt Distillers / United Distillers)
Carbost Isle of Skye
IW47 8SR (IV47 8SR)
Phone +44 01478-640203
Fax +44 01478-640401
Visitor Centre : 01478-640314
Founded : 1830
Owner : Diageo
Producer :  ?
Water : Carbost / Cnoc nan Speireag.
Remark : (A Classic Malt of Scotland). 
A 10 year old and the only malt produced on Skye. Its seaweedy, smoky nose and sweet maltiness is perfectly complimented by its spicy, long finish.

Talisker is the only distillery on the Isle of Skye. The taste of the whisky reminds you of its place of birth.

From the Whisky pilot by Uniqum Systems :
The only distillery on the Isle of Skye is the Talisker Distillery which was founded in 1831. The distillery was originally situated at Snizort, to the north of the island, but was closed and mysteriously moved. It has five stills. During its operational life it has been rebuilt and modernised a couple of times the last being in 1960-62 after the stillhouse was destroyed by fire on 22 November 1960. The name comes from a farm 6 miles away. The owner in 1880 was imprisoned after being found guilty of selling whisky that was supposedly maturing in the warehouse, in fact the warehouse did not even exist!
The make was triple distilled until 1928.
Situated in a gentle bowl which forms a lonely, very sheltered glen on the west coast of Skye.
Water comes from a burn on the slopes of Cnoc nan Speireag (Hawk Hill), cooling water comes from the Carbost Burn.

Talisker still The Talisker distillery More from Talisker

Talisker 8 years old Single Island Island 8 45,8 DCL (pre-Guinness) bottling.
10 years old.
Talisker 10 years old - bottle Talisker Scotch whisky from Isle of Skye - bottle and box Talisker label Nice Talisker picture of Talisker bottle etc Talisker label
Age : 10 years old.
Vol : 45,8%%
Type : Malt
Price Talisker 10 Years 70CL 45,80 295.00 ( hos www.Juuls.dk ) (in Danish kr. 70cl. : 415,- <> 450,-)
Taste : Sweet but smokey with a long finish.
Remark : one of bottels from the UDV series Classic Malts of Scotland.
Testet :Yes
Så har Fætter MUS leveret varen....(Puhaaa....) og nu er den tom...øv. :)
Remark : Let røget ....Søger man en whisky der er sin egen, er denne et godt bud. (Lagavulin er dog mere røget.)
Total Score :6
Personal taste:CPGIHTFSFRAverage.Remark...Bemærkning
Package/Info090708Nice map... Flot kort.
Bottle0505Standard bottleStandard flaske.
Prop ? Metal/Kork/ Wood. 070707,00Cork with wood.Kork med træ-top.
Smell-0606,00Okiedokie, but a bit smokie.... Lidt "sprittet" / Let røget.
Taste-0606,00Hmm. En af de eneste whiskies som min hund kunne li' !!!
Aftertaste-0707,00Smoky long.Røget middel "hænge" tid.
Price/Quality-0707,00Lidt dyr, men tilgengæld en whisky med krop og sjæl.
Talisker Island Skye - Malt. Island 10 40 10 Years old - Malt - 40%Vol.
Talisker 10 years old Single Island Island 10 45,8 United Distillers bottling.

Talisker 14 years old Single Island Island 14 1979 64,3 Wm. Cadenhead bottling.

15 years old.
Talisker 15 yo vintage 1970 56.4
Age : 15 years old. Vintage 1970
Vol : 56,4%
Type : Highland Malt
Taste : ?
Remark : None at present time.

18 years old.
Talisker 18 years old from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society
Age : 18 years old.
Vol : ?
Type : Malt
Taste : ?
Remark : Talisker 18 years old from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society
Talisker 38 years old Single Island Island 38 1955 53,6 Gordon & MacPhail bottling: cask nos. 1257, 1310 & 1311 distilled 12 and 28 May 1955.
Talisker 1954 Single Island Island 1954 40 Available as 1954 distilling, strength 40% and as Cask strength 1955.
Talisker 1955 Cask Strength Cask Strength Island 1955 53,6
Talisker 10 Years 70CL 45,80 295.00 hos Juuls Vinhandel
Talisker 2. wood 1989 70CL 45,80 550.00 hos Juuls Vinhandel
Talisker 20years, 62% 1981 70CL 62,00 udsolgt hos Juuls Vinhandel
Talisker 20years, 58,8% 1982 70CL 58,80 1275.00 hos Juuls Vinhandel
Talisker 25y. 70CL 57,80 1475.00 hos Juuls Vinhandel

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The Talisker box
The Talisker box / pack...
The back
The back of the box...
The top of the box: 
Top of the box... 
The Talisker Label : 
The Label....

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