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Location :?
Region :?
Country :Scotland
Type : Liqueur
Distillery : Drambuie
Kirkliston, West Lothian
Founded :?
Owner :?
Producer : ?
Water :?
Remark :From Collins Pocket Reference : Whisky
Drambuie is produced in the Lothians, having moved from its original home on Skye at the start of this century after the dicision was taken to produce the liqueur commercially. Drambuie ('the drink that satisfies') is chronicled - perhaps with a keener eye on marketing than history - as being the personal liqueur of Prince Charles Edward Stuart, Bonnie Prince Clarlie. After his army's defeat by the Hanoverian army to Skye with a few supporters. Among them was Captain John Mackinnon, a native of Skye, whom the prince is said to have rewarded for his loyalty by giving him his only remaining possession - the secret recipe for his personal liqueur.
Tasting comment : Based on a blend of secret ingredients, Drambuie is a sweet after-dinner whisky liqueur with a rich and creamy honeyed flavour complemented by fragrant, fruity notes.
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Age : ? years old.
Vol : 40%
Type : Whisky Liqueur
Remark : None at present time.

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DrambuieDrambuie (Whisky Liqueur)
Kirkliston, West Lothian