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Location :Approximate. 7km. southwest of Dufftown on The Ben Rinnes Hills. Aberlour, Banffshire.
Region :Highland Speyside
Country :Scotland
Type : Single Malt.
DistilleryABERLOUR DISTILLERY (Aberlour-Glenlivet Distillery)
Aberlour, Banffshire AB38 9PJ
Phone: +44 01340-871204/285
Fax: +44 01340-871729
Visitors centre
Phone : 0340 871204 / 01340-8714204
(Visitors are welcome by appointment.)
News : A new visitor centre are opening check the website for more information at http://www.aberlour.com
Manager : Alan J. Winchester
Founded : Est 1879. / Harper Collins says in the 1860s.
(Michael Jackson writes : Probably pre-dated its official recognition in 1826.)
We have some info that it's founded in 1826 by James Gordon.
(Also writen by Helen Arthur)

Expanded by Campbell Distillers in 1945. 
Richard International (French)
Owner : Pernod Richard International (French)
Producer : Pernod (Richard) / Campbell Distillers.
Water : Drostan / Soft spring water that rises from thee granite mountain, Springs on Ben Rinnes.
Remark : Very popular in France.
25-50% Matured in sherry cask, the ret in bourbon wood.
They have 2 wash stills and 2 spirit stills.

Rip from the whiskey pages:
Campbell Distillers complements its Aberlour 10 Year Old with two new single malts: Aberlour 15 and 18 Year Old Sherry Wood Malts.
The 15 Year Old is matured in both bourbon and sherry casks, then finished in sherry wood. It has a light smokiness, with a delicately soft, but warm finish.
The 18 Year Old is matured wholly in sherry casks, an assertive malt that is smoky on the nose.
These new whiskies and the 10 Year Old have Aberlour's new packaging, featuring the Fleming family motto: Let The Deed Show. Taste the deed yourself!
Contact Ann Higgins (732/450-9223) for information on finding these limited availability whiskies.

From the book 'The Scottish Collection' - classic malts by Carol P. Shaw:
Tasting notes : A smooth, sherried Speyside malt which is an ideal after-dinner drink. Tasting rating = 3
Established in the 1860's, Aberlour Distillery was rebuilt in the 1880's after its destruction in a fire. It sits below Ben Rinnes from whose slopes it draws its water, said to be an important characteristic of its distinctive flavour. In the distillery grounds is the well of St. Drostan (or Dunstan), the tenth-century missionary and patron Canterbury. Since its acquisition by the Pernod Richard company in 1974, Aberlour has been well marketed in France, where it is one of the most popular of Scotch whiskies. The company also owns the Irish Distillers Group.

From the Whisky pilot by Uniqum Systems :
Aberlour was founded in 1826 by James Gordon & Peter Weir at the feet of Ben Rinnes. The distillery was rebuilt in 1879 after a fire. This is the date which appears on the label. In 1973 the distillery was re-equipped with four stills.
The Aberlour Glenlivet Distillery Company is a subsidiary of Campbell Distillers, itself a part of Pernod-Ricard. Aberlour is a delightful village by the Lour at the foot of Ben Rinnes, from the summit of which, ten counties (from Caithness in the north, to Perthshire in the south) are visible. The early Christian missionary, St. Dunstan (or St. Drostan as he was known in Scotland) used the waters of the Lour for baptisms.
Aberlour is situated about a quarter of a mile below the Linn of Ruthrie, a 30 foot cascade on Ben Rinnes which falls into the pool which gives rise to the Lour Burn. The distillery is about 300 yards from the Lour's confluence with the River Spey.
The water is taken from a spring on Ben Rinnes.
Aberlour 15 and 18 Year Old Sherry Finish A aberlour whisky glass The aberlour visitor center entrance The Aberlour distillery sign.


Aberlour 10
Years Old
Aberlour 10 years old Another Aberlour 10yo bottle Aberlour 10 years old - the label Aberlour 10 years old a not so greate picture
Age : 10 Years Old
Vol : 43%
Type : Pure single Highland Malt
Price100 Cls. Dkr. 199,- tax free in Copenhagen Airport.
6.000 Yen
Remark :  Highland Malt whisky from Speyside says it all.

Aberlour 15
Years Old
Aberlour 15 years old Aberlour 15 years old single Highland Malt sherry wood finish
Age : 15 Years Old
Vol : 43%
Type : Single Highland Malt - Sherry wood finish
PriceNo pricecheck yet.
Remark :  Highland Malt whisky from Speyside says it all.

Aberlour 100 Proof
Age : ? Years Old
Vol : ?%
Price(in Danish kr. 100cls. : 213,- tax free in Whisky World - Copenhagen Airport)

Aberlour Antique
Age : ? Years Old
Vol : ?%
Price(in Danish kr. 70cl. : 265,- tax free in Whisky World - Copenhagen Airport)

Aberlour 25 Years Old
William Cadenhead Ltd.
Age : 25 Years old.
Vol : 46%
Price(in Danish kr. 70cl. : ?,-)

Old sherry wood.
Age : 15 and 18 Year Old
Vol : ?%
Price(in Danish kr. 70cl. : ?,-)

Aberlour Vintage
William Cadenhead.
 Aberlour whisky label. Calrngorm Whisky Centre cask strength
Age : Different vintage's.
Vol : ?%
Price(in Danish kr. 70cl. : ?,-)

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