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Forty Creek

Location : ?
Region : ?
Country : Canada
Type : Whisky
Distillery : ?
Founded : ?
Owner : ?
Producer : ?
Water : ?
Remark :

Forty Creek :

Press release : (Download the pdf file here.)
For Immediate Release:
Patience, Time & Talent
Grimsby, Ontario

-Exquisite Hand-crafted Whiskies from Forty Creek

Following their recent success at the International Spirits Challenge held in London England, where their Canadian Whisky won the highest tasting award, Kittling Ridge, a cottage distiller in Grimsby, Ontario has taken Canada’s famous spirit to a new level. Two Great Canadian Whiskies called Forty Creek are their celebration for the new millenium. For Kittling Ridge, a visit back in time to Canada’s heritage and tradition spurred the development of Forty Creek Whiskies.
“Forty Creek Whiskies have been inspired by my passion to create whiskies that rekindle the heritage of Canadian craftsmanship and quality” explains John Hall, whisky maker.
“I’ve been a Winemaker for 30 years and I approach whisky making the same way, bringing out the best characteristics and subtleties by using various small grains and barrel aging techniques.” Hall states “From a creative standpoint, I have a whole new canvas to paint on. But, you have to be more patient to see the results. You can produce wine and have it on the market in a couple of years. With whisky, you must care for it six, eight, twelve years.”
Product development for Forty Creek has been 8 years in the making. But Hall’s patience has been rewarded. As Jim Murray, world whisky writer from London England states, “John’s aim has been to produce something entirely different from other Canadian Distillers. And in that, he has already succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.”
Hall classifies himself as a first generation whisky maker, his distillery is the only Canadian privately owned distillery left in Ontario, and while his multinational competitors started over 100 years ago, Hall is determined to rekindle the quality and hand craftsmanship of Canadian Whisky.
Canadian Whisky is the largest selling spirit category in Ontario accounting for 31% of the spirits market. Consumers are beginning to search for quality whiskies. High quality Canadian Whiskies are up an amazing 8% this year and now represent 18% of all Canadian Whisky sales. Premium brands are becoming more popular as whisky lovers begin to exercise their palates.

Forty Creek Three Grain
A delicate harmonization of malted barley, rye & maize. The small grains are distilled as separate batches in our copper pot still and patiently aged in small toasted oak barrels. Each Varietal grain lends a distinct character to the whisky. The nuttiness of the barley, the fruitiness of the rye, and the richness of the maize are skillfully blended to achieve the finesse of this complex whisky.

Forty Creek Barrel Select
Distilled in small batches in the small copper pot still and aged in white oak barrels hand-picked for their unique characteristics. A careful selection of light, medium and heavy char barrels create a richness and toasted earthiness in the spirit. Vintage sherry casks were chosen to round off the whiskies. This unique barrel selection process results in a whisky where aromas of honey, vanilla and apricot fuse with toasty oak, black walnut and spice.
Established in 1992, Kittling Ridge has become recognized for their innovation in the industry. Their highly acclaimed Icewine & Brandy has garnered over 20 International tasting awards. Their eye-catching Inferno Pepper Pot Vodka, with 2 flaming red peppers inside the bottle is acknowledged as making the world’s greatest Bloody Caesar. Kittling Ridge has been recognized by the Ontario Government 3 years in a row as an Innovative Growth Firm, adding significant economic value to the Province.
For more information contact Beth Hall, Product Marketing Manager at 905-945-9225 or visit www.KittlingRidge.com

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Forty Creek