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Location : ?
Region : ?
Country : USA
Type : Kentucky Bourbon
Distillery :  Buffalo Trace Distillery
Founded : ?
Owner : Sazerac Company Inc
Producer  :  ?
Water : ?
Remark :

Benchmark :

Remarks and Review is under construction.

Lack of information about Benchmark - you may want to check Buffalo Trace Distillery, Ancient Age Distillery or Sazerac Company Inc

Benchmark Bottlings

Benchmark bottling
Sorry no Benchmark picture.  
Age : ? years old.
Vol : ?%
Type : ?
Price ?
Taste : ?
Remark : Sorry no Benchmark remarks at present time.

Benchmark Bourbon Kentucky Ancient Age Distillery, The 40 USA
Benchmark Bourbon
Benchmark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Buffalo Trace Distilleries
Benchmark Single Barrel Bourbon Kentucky Kentucky 47 47% USA

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