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Location : Perth
Region : Midlands
Country : Scotland
Type : Blended
Distillery :  Matthew Gloag & Sons Ltd. Perth, Scotland.
Founded : Established somewhere around 1800
Owner : Matthew Gloag & Sons Ltd. Perth, Scotland.
Producer : Matthew Gloag & Sons Ltd. Perth, Scotland.
Water : ?
Remark :

The biggest selling whisky within Scotland.
The defenite article and the Victorian flourish is usually dispensed with by devotees who prefer simply to ordre 'Grouse'
It was for a time a 'cult' blend in Scotland.

From Happyhours.com newsletter :
Famous Grouse Gold Reserve Gets New Look
New York, NY -- Scotland's #1 selling Scotch has refashioned its Gold Reserve 12 Year-Old in new feathers. The elegant design of the new bottle, label, and gift box reinforce the brand's super-premium image and emphasizes its place in The Famous Grouse family, while the exceptional spirit within remains unchanged.

The new bottle is gently curved, reminiscent of 19th century Scotch whisky bottles, with the year '1800' embossed on the shoulder to symbolize The Famous Grouse's two centuries of heritage and excellence. The new high-gloss label depicts the brand's signature bird, allowing for quick brand recognition, while gold foil print underscores the brand's upscale positioning. The bottle comes in a sophisticated gift carton with embossed gold foil lettering.

"The new packaging establishes a consistent look for The Famous Grouse family, allowing consumers to easily recognize the brand," Assistant Brand Manager Cécile Mirman tells HappyHours.com. "With double digit growth of the core Famous Grouse brand in the past few years, our goal is to increase awareness amongst our loyal consumer base, letting them know that Gold Reserve is the super-premium selection in the family. With its high quality single malt content, Gold Reserve is a very smooth and well-balanced Scotch which even surprises single malt aficionados."

The Famous Grouse is handcrafted from a blend of Scotland's most distinctive malts - including The Macallan and Highland Park - from the country's greatest single malt producing areas. Gold Reserve is aged for a minimum of twelve years in hand-selected oak casks to a superbly silky, rich blend. For more information visit their website at:


Many years in oak casks result in this smooth, lighter style whisky.

Source www.bbr.com :

The Famous Grouse

Famous Grouse can trace its origins back to 1896 when Matthew Gloag took over from his entrepreneur uncle at the family's grocery and wine business in Perth, Scotland. Always the inspired adventurer, Matthew capitalised on a flourishing market for house-labelled blended whisky appealing to the growing number of sporting visitors attracted to Scotland's Northeast Highlands.
Matthew insisted that only the finest ingredients be used in his blend, and that the whisky, after years of maturation in oak casks, would only be available for sale when the final blend had been allowed to sit undisturbed for an additional six months. The exact composition of the blend remains a closely guarded secret although it is known that some of the finest malt whiskies such as Highland Park and Macallan are used. Today the Famous Grouse is Scotland's number one selling blended scotch





The Famous Grouse
Vintage 1987
The Famouse Grouse vintage 1987 malt whisky, Finest Scotch whisky.  
Age : Vintage 1987
Vol : 40%
Price ?
Danish remark :  



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Famous Grouse Famous Grouse
Matthew Gloag & Sons Ltd. Perth, Scotland.
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