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Maker's Mark

Maker's Mark sign


Location : Kentucky, Marion County town of Loretto. East USA
Region : Kentucky
Country : USA
Type : Bourbon, Kentucky (Small Batch Bourbon)
Distillery : Maker's Mark Distillery
Loretto Kentucky
KY-52E, 502/865-2099 or 2881
Maker's Mark Visitors Center, (502) 865-2099
Founded : 1840
Owner : ?
Producer : ?
Water : ?
Remark :

Maker's Mark Kentucky Straight bourbon Whisky - old style sour mash

: Maker's Mark is more properly refered to as 'Small Batch Bourbon' rather than 'Kentucky'
Located south-east of Louisville, Maker's Mark can be reached by road no 150 towards Bardstown..
They have free tour that includes the stillhouse, warehouse and bottling operation; tours hourly on the half hour, not handicapped accessible.
Visitor center Monday to Saturday from 10:30-3:30, Sunday 1:30-3:30, two miles off KY-52E, Phone (+1) 502/865-2099 or 2881).
The Samuels family has been making bourbon here since 1953. It is the only operating distillery in the country that is a National Historic Landmark.
The distillery is one of the smallest distilleries in the US with a total of 30 people working with production of Maker's Mark.
They produce 18 barrels per day, which might be compared with 700 for some of the larger distilleries.
They use wheat instead of rye, currently the ownly commerical distiller to make this substitution. The history of the Samuels family can be traced back to T.W Samuels, who began making bourbon back in 1844. The Samuels inital 'S' and the generation that first began producing at Star Hill (IV) compose the trademark for the company.

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Makers Mark
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Makers Mark