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Whyte & Mackays ( Whyte and Mackays)


Whyte & Mackays


Location : ?
Region : ?
Country : Scotland
Type : ?
Distillery :  Whyte and Mackay Distillery
Dalmore House
296-8 St Vincent Street
Founded : 1882 / 1844
Owner : Guiness Plc
Producer  :  ?
Water : ?
Remark :

Whyte & Mackays :

From the whiskypilot
Dating all the way back to 1844 the company was founded as Allan and Poynter. However, in 1882 did James Whyte, who had been managing the company, form a partnership with Charles Mackay and the company shifted name to Whyte and Mackay.
The company was built on a blend called Special, a blend of 35 different maltwhiskies and a number of grain whiskies. After WWII the company spent four years building up a store of whisky and in 1960 they merged with the Dalmore distillery. In 1972 they bought the Fettercairn and Tomintoul-Glenlivet distilleries and continued to expand. The company today is owned by Guiness Plc.

Source www.bbr.com : Whyte & Mackay

Whyte & Mackay is a Scottish company that produces, among other drinks, the Whyte & Mackay blended whisky range. Founded by Charles Mackay and James Whyte in 1844 and based around Glasgow, they began combining over 35 different malts to create the ‘Special’ branded blend whisky, which was a success, surprisingly so due to the fact that at the time Scotland was more concerned with the drinking of cognac.

Whyte & Mackay employs a ‘double marriage’ blending method: first the single malts are ‘married’ together and left in cask for several months, and then the grain whiskies are added before the blend is placed in other sherry butts for final maturation.



Whyte & Mackays Bottlings

Whyte & Mackays bottling
Whyte & Mackays bottle  
Age : ? years old.
Vol : ?%
Type : ?
Price ?
Taste : ?
Remark : Sorry no Whyte & Mackays remarks at present time.

Whyte & Mackays Blended 12 Whyte and Mackay Distillery 12 Years old blends.
Whyte & Mackays Blended 21 Whyte and Mackay Distillery 21 Years old blends.
Whyte and Mackay De Luxe De-Luxe Blend Country of origin 3 Whyte and Mackay Distillery 40
Whyte and Mackay Special Reserve Blended Country of origin 3 Whyte and Mackay Distillery 40
Whyte & Mackay Special is made of more than 35 Highland brands mixed with some grainwhiskies.
It is a popular whisky and is exported throughout the world. See also Fettercain. 

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Whyte & Mackays