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Haig Blended Malt Whisky

First produced around 1824 by John Haig, a scion of the oldest distilling family in Scotland. It is now part of the Diageo drinks giant, supplementing its range of blended whiskies that includes Johnnie Walker, J&B, Bell’s, Black & White, Dimple, Old Parr.

Haig Blended Scotch Whisky consists of betweenn 35 and 40 percent malt whiskies including Glenkinchie and Linkwood.

Haig, JohnHaig


Remark : HAIG : Remarks and Review is under construction.
You may better know John Haig as the producer of Dimple Scots.
Here is some notes from the book : Classic Blended Scotch by Jim Murray.
HAIG : The Haig family name is to the early history of Scotch (and even Irish) whisky distilling as the Beams are to bourbon. The Haigs were ubiquitous, with every one of John Haig's five sons striking out on their own paths into the whisky world, some being more succesful than others. They had quite a reputation to cling to. In 1655 John's great-great grandfather robert Haig had been brought to court for carrying out that most foul of misdemeanours: distilling on the Sabbath. It is known that the errant Robert had farmed in Stirlingshire since 1627, so his distilling practices probably dated from very soon after then. The Haigs were principally Lowland distillers. John Haig married into the Stein family and set up the Kilbagie distillery where Robert Stein carried out his first continuous distillation. While John's older sons went their own way, youngest son William stayed behind to run the family distilling business with his father. William had two sons, of which one, John, went to build in 1824 the most lasting of all the Haig enterprises, Cameronbridge Distillery. This was one of the six grain distilleries which formed the Distillers Company Limited in 1877. The Haigs still kept the blending side of the business until that, too, was swallowed by DCL in 1919. Among those who had run the company was Captain Douglas Haig, Field Marshal Haig of World War I fame. His name was used by DCL to market the brand - especially against the anti-drink lobby - and it paid dividends. By the 1930s Haig Gold Label was by far the biggest selling brand in DCL's impressive portfolio although it has lost ground since.
Location : Scotland
Region : ?
Country : Scotland
Type : Blend, Whisky liqueur
Distillery :  John Haig and Co. Ltd.
Haig House, Albany Street, Edinburgh, UK
(Owner : United Distillers, Banbeath. Leven, Fife / Guinness Plc)
Founded : ?
Owner : ?
Producer :  ?
Water : ?
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