Ballantines 17 yo



17 years old
  Ballantine's 17 years old - Scotch whisky Ballantines 17 years old Scotch whisky
Age : 17 years old.
Vol : ?%
Price ?
Remark : From : Allied Walker Distributors Ltd.:
This fulsome, mature, vintage whisky is in a class of its own and savoured by connoisseurs the world over. Perfect for after dinner or as a special occasion drink.

Words from Brother PIP :
The best Ballantines I've tasted !

From the website :
Ballantine's 17 year old, a super premium brand with a deep complex flavour, which is regarded as THE Scotch whisky by consumers in the Far East. It offers the true connoisseur a classic and exceptional taste from its medium, creamy body that has a complex, vibrant and honeyed palate with hints of wood and smoke.


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