Well, it was time to say goodbye to Islay after 6 days in whisky-heaven. We had an excellent dinner Thursday night both enjoying a fantastic Islay-steak fillet. After getting an early bedtime we were picked up by Christine just after 8:00 am. No day on Islay without its special distillery so on the way to the airport we went by the defunct and demolished Tallant distillery. There was really nothing to see but again we documented the site and you can look forward to pictures right here on www.awa.dk from there as well.We got to the airport on time an although we both had suitcases that were too heavy the never ending service on Islay made sure we had no extra charge on the wee plane that took us to Glasgow. Catching our connecting flight in Glasgow was not a problem and when we arrived in Heathrow our connecting BA flight to Copenhagen had left London as expected. Since we knew this beforehand we had purchased tickets with SAS home from London and we tried to get our booking changed to the earlier flight.
Unfortunately that was full and it would have been enormously expensive to switch flights so we checked in our luggage with SAS and CP was told he hand been “naughty” with his shopping by the absolutely lovely girl at check-in because of the overweight of his luggage. Again we were not charged anything for our excessive luggage and could now look forward to about 3½ hours in Heathrow.
Unfortunately the flight to Copenhagen was delayed about 1½ hour so we ended up spending too much time in Heathrow. We did pull through though and finally arrived back in Kastrup Airport. We were both tired and full of impressions from a wonderful week on Islay. It is definitely not the last time we visit to absolutely stunning island and its inhabitants. We miss Islay and the people and would like to send greetings and thanks to the people of Islay who made our stay simply fantastic.  From Copenhagen, this is GI and CP signing off..