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AberfeldyScotlandMalt(DCL) United Distillers3Yes
AberlourScotlandMaltPernod (Richard) / Campbell Distillers.3Yes
Ainslie'sScotlandSingle MaltAinslie & Heilbron (Distillers) LTD.1Yes
AlbertaCanadaCanadian Whiskyfrom Alterta Distillers
Alberta Premium
Alberta Springs
All MaltScotlandVattedBerry Bros and Rudd Ltd.1No
Allt-A-BhainneScotlandHighland SpeysideNot for sale at present time ?
Seagram Distillers
American CountryUSABourbon-0-
American PrideUSABourbon-0-
An CnocScotlandSpeyside(AKA: Knockdhu)
Inver House Distillers
AncestralScotlandSingle malt100% Sherry1No
Ancient AgeAmericaKentucky Straight BourbonAncient Age
Ancient Ancient Age - 10 Years old. 43%
Barrel 107
Elmer T. Lee
Blanton's single Barrel
Hancock's Reserve
Anderson ClubUSABourbonHeaven Hill Distilleries1No
Double Malt Whisky
ScotlandVattedSmall Concern Whisky Distillery1Yes
Antiquary, TheScotlandDe luxe blend.Owned by United Distillers.1No
ArdbegScotlandIslay - Single MaltHiram Walker / Producer : Allied Distillers3Yes
ArdmoreScotlandMaltAllied Distillers.3Yes
AsamaJapanBlendedOcean Whisky1No
AristocratUSA-Heaven Hill Distilleries1No
AskaigScotlandSingle IslayMaster of Malt1No
AuchentoshanScotlandWestern LowlandMorrison Bowmore Distillers4Yes
AuchroiskScotlandHighland Speyside - Single Malt(AKA : The Singleton - The Singleton of Auchroisk.)3Yes
Auld Lang SyneScotlandBlendedBrought out to celebrate the New Year with a play on the word Langs
See also Langs
Auld SandyScotlandBlendedBalls Brothers Ltd.1No
AultmoreScotlandHighland Speyside (Isla) - MaltUnited Distillers2Yes
AvonsideScotlandBlendedGordon & Macphail1No
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B.J. Holladay-Bourbon-1No
Baby Power, TheIrelandIrish Whiskey John Powers & Son ( See John Powers )--
BaileyIrelandCream liqueur R. & A. Bailey & Co., Dublin.0-
Bailie Nicol JarvieScotlandBlended.MacDonald and Muir.2No
BalblairScotlandHighland NorthernSingle Malt3Yes
BallantineScotlandBlendedBallantine's / Ballantines4Yes
BalmenachScotlandHighland Speyside. - Malt. (Used in Crabbie's blends)2Yes
Balvenie, TheScotlandMaltHighland Speyside3Yes
BanffScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.(Deveron)2Yes
BarclayUSABourbonSee Barton Brands Ltd.--
Bardenheier's Rare Scots choiceScotland-I have come across an unopened bottle of Bardenheier's Rare Scots choice blended scotch whiskey.
It appears to be about 40 years old. Do you have any information on this product? The bottle indicates 100% scotch whisky distilled and blended in Scotland. Apparently John Bardenheir Wine & Liquor Company (St. Louis, MO) was the distributor. Any help would be appreciated. Norm Thompson Dupo, IL
If you have any information please send us an email.
Barleycorn ?Irish ??Ireland or Scotland0-
Barrel ReserveAmerican?The Seagram Company Limited.0/1No
BartonsAmericanBlend and Bourbon
Canadian Whisky
Barton Reserve
Barton Premium Blend
Bartons Canadian
from Barton Distilling Company / Barton Brands Ltd.
Basil HaydensUSAKentuckySee also Beam1yes
Beam's ChoiceUSABourbon KentuckySee : Jim Beam - 5 Years old. 40%--
Bell'sScotlandBlended. Scotch Whisky. By Athur Bell & Son.2Yes
Ben AlderScotlandBlendedScotch whisky - Gordon & Macphail--
Ben NevisScotlandHighland Western - Malt.Nikka Company (Japan)
Ben WyvisScotlandHighland Northern - Malt.Only used within blends.2No
BenchmarkUSABourbon KentuckyBenchmark Single Barrel - 47%0-
BeneaglesScotlandBlendedBlend of 100% Scotch whisky1-
BenmoreScotlandBlendedBenmore Distillery1-
Bennachie Distillery0-
BenriachScotlandHighland - Malt.1994 first official bottling as a single malt.
10 years old from Seagram.
BenrinnesScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.? United Distillers2Yes
BenromachScotlandHighland Speyside Malt.AKA: Benromach Glenlivet
Gordon & MacPhail
Berry's BestScotlandDe-Luxe BlendBerry Bros and Rudd Ltd.0-
Berry's Pure MaltScotlandVatted maltBerry Bros and Rudd Ltd.0-
Big "T"ScotlandBlended and de luxeBig T from Tomatin Distillery Company.2No
Bishop's MaltScotlandBlendedVatted Malt - Islay.0-
BL Gold LabelScotlandBlendedBulloch Lade and Co Ltd.0-
Black and WhiteScotlandBlendedBlack & White / United Distillers.1No
Black Barrel Single GrainScotlandGrain whisky.William Grant and Sons Ltd.0-
Black BottleScotlandBlendedAllied Distillers1No
Black BushIrishBlended.Old Bushmills Distillery.--
Black BottleScotlandBlended.Allied Distillers0-
Black CatThailandBlendedThai whisky0-
Black CockScotlandBlendedBlend from Burn Steward0-
Black DouglasScotland?from Seagram0-
Black EagleScotlandBlended-0-
Black HorseItalyBlended Pure GrainLic. UTF 155/TV Monastier Di Treviso0-
Black Jack? Local?Seagram0-
Black Nikka WhiskyJapanJapanese WhiskySee Nikka--
Black PrinceScotlandBlended12 Years old.0-
Black RibbonSwedenVatted Malt10 Years old.
Thanx to Bosse Axelson - Bozo's Whisky Links
Black VelvetCanadianCanadian WhiskySee Barton Brands Ltd.0-
Black WatchScotlandBlendedKnown throughout the world until 1997 as Seagram's popular dram 100 Pipers.0-
Black-50JapanJapanese WhiskySee Nikka--
Blackadder Single CaskScotlandSpeysideBlackadder0-
BladnochScotlandLowland South (Borders) - Malt.The most southerly of Scotland's distilleries.3Yes
Blair AtholScotlandHighland Central - Malt.(The village is spelled Atholl)3Yes
BlairfindyScotlandSingle SpeysideBlackadder International0No
BlairMhorScotlandVattedInver House Distillers1Yes
Single Barrel bourbon
USAKentucky Bourbon46,5%.
Honored by Lane Report Magazine as World's Best Bourbon 3 years in a row.
Blenders Pride? Local?Seagram0-
Blue HangerScotlandBlendedBerry Bros. & Rudd.0-
Booker'sAmericanKentucky BourbonBooker's Kentucky
Bourbon (126,5 Proof) - 7 Years old - 63,25%
Boston Club? Local?Seagram0-
Boston Five Star, Mr.CanadaCanadian WhiskySee Mr. Boston Five Star
see Barton Brands Ltd.
Bow StreetIrelandSingle distillery
Irish whiskey.
Bow Street Distillery0-
Garanteed Pure and the Produce of the Jewish Colonies in Palastine.0No
Brackla, RoyalScotlandHighland Speyside(Findhorn Valley)
See Royal Brackla
BraemarScotlandBlendedGrant MacDonald & Co.0-
Braes of GlenlivetScotlandHighland Speyside (Livet) - Malt.Old Norse (Hillside or steep bank)3Yes
BraevalScotlandCaskSee Braes of Glenlivet0-
BraevalScotlandHighland Speyside (Livet) - Malt.Originally called Braes of Glenlivet--
Breath of AdelphiScotlandBlended-0-
Brig O' PerthScotlandBlend-0-
BroraScotlandNorthern Highland MaltDistillery closed in the early 1980s
Earlier times been called Clynelish.
Bruchana'sScotlandBlendedBruchanas is distilled at the Dalwhinnie distillery.0-
BruichladdichScotlandSingle Islay Malt - Malt.(Loch Indaal)
10 Years old & 15 Years old / 43%.
Bulloch Lade Gold LabelScotlandBlendedBL Lade Gold Label
Bulloch Lade and Co Ltd.
BunnahabhainScotlandIslay - Malt.12 Years old Malt.3Yes
Burke's SelectCanadaCanadian Whiskyfrom Corby0-
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C. W. Hirsch ReserveUSAKentucky16 Years old - 45,8%0-
C. W. Hirsch ReserveUSAKentucky19 Years old. - 46,5%0-
Cabin StillAmericanKentucky Straight BourbonCabin Still Distillery0-
Cadenhead's PutachiesideScotlandLiqueur WhiskyWm Cadenhead, Aberdeen0-
Cameron BrigScotlandGrainCameronbridge Distillery.1No
Campletown LochScotlandBlended-0-
Canadian ClubCanadian.Canadian Rye (Bourbon)Canadian Club they are in reality Canadian Rye Wiskey just as the other Canadian products.0Yes
Canadian Club ClassicCanadian.Canadian Rye Wiskey12 Years. : 2 - Yes2Yes
Canadian ClubCanadian.Canadian Rye Wiskey15 years and 20 years old0-
Canadian CompanyCanadianCanadian whiskyThe label is owned by Rider.0-
Canadian HostCanadaCanadian WhiskySee Barton Brands Ltd.--
Canadian LtdCanadaCanadian WhiskySee Barton Brands Ltd.--
Canadian MistCanadaCanadian whisky-1Yes
Canadian SupremeCanadaCanadian WhiskySee Barton Brands Ltd.--
Caol IlaScotlandIslay - Malt.12 Years Old. (Alias Glen Isla)2No
CaperdonichScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.-2No
Captain's TableCanadaCanadian WhiskyFrom McGuiness0-
Cardels Schess.?--(Sikkert stavet forkert : CP. ? Hvad siger du ?)
Is it spelled correct ? : CP ???
CardhuScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.(AKA : Cardow)3Yes
CardowScotlandHighland Speyside(See Cardhu)--
CarolansIrelandCream liqueur T. J. Carolan & Son Ltd.0-
Catto'sScotlandBlendedJames Catto one of the best known whisky merchant in Victorian Aberdeen.0-
Century :
Chivas Brothers
ScotlandBlended100 different Malt Whiskies
Chivas Brothers 1801
Chivas Brothers The Century of Malts
CheersScotlandBlendedScotch blended whisky.0-
Chicken CorkAmericaMedicine :)Kentucky Distillers and Warehouse Co. Inc.
Aged in wood for medicinal use.
Chivas Century
(See Century
Chivas ImperialScotland? (Blended ?)Recommended by CP.0Yes
Chivas Regal
Premium Scotch
ScotlandBlended12 and 18 years old.3Yes
Clan CampbellScotlandBlendedCampbells are one of the great clans in Scotland.--
Clan MacGregorScotlandBlended---
Clan MurdockScotlandBlendedMurdock McLennan Ltd.--
ClanroyScotlandBlendedMcClellands Ltd.--
Classic Malt of ScotlandScotlandMaltSix classic malts of Scotland.3Yes
Claymore, TheScotlandBlendedWhyte and Mackay1No
Club Bourbon,
AmericaKentucky Straight BourbonBellows0-
Cluncy??CP ???0-
ClydesdaleScotlandHighland Malt - Distillery demolished.?%2No
ClynelishScotlandHighland Northern - Malt.40%2No
Clynelish (See Brora)ScotlandHighland Northern---
Clynelish 12 caskScotlandHighland Northern-0-
ColeburnScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.-2No
ColeraineIrishBlended Malt and single grainThe oldest malt in Ireland2Yes
Colonel LeeUSABourbonBarton Distillery, The
Kentucky - See Barton
Columba CreamScotlandLiqueurWhisky Cream Liqueur blend of 5 single malts.1No
ConnemaraIrelandSingle MaltCooley Distillery.
Connemara Peated Single Malt
Connoisseurs Choice,
Scotland.-Special editions (EG : Ardbeg.) and others--
ConvalmoreScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.-2No
CooleyIreland-see Connemara--
Copper PotScotlandVattedGeorge Morton Ltd.--
Corby's ReserveUSABlendCorbys / See Barton--
Corby's CanadianCanadaCanadian Whiskyfrom Barton Brands Ltd.0-
Cougar BourbonAmericanAmerican Whiskey
Covent GardenScotlandBlendedThis blended whisky is at Campbeltown sold exclusively in Cadenhead's shop in Convent Graden.--
Cradle Mountain Malt WhiskyAustraliaSingle MaltSmall Concern Whisky Distillery--
CragganmoreScotlandHighland Speyside Single Malt12 Years old. Classic Malt of Scotland3Yes
CraigellachieScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.-2No
Tree Star
ScotlandBlendedWhyte and Mackay.1No
CrescentJapanJapanese WhiskyKirin Seagram0-
Crested TenIrelandBlendedBy Jameson
Midleton Distillery, Dublin
Crescent? Local?Seagram0-
Crown RoyalIreland
Crown RoyalCanadianCanadian WhiskyCrown Royal
Crown Royal Limited Edition
Crown Royal Special Reserve
All from Seagram.
Cumbrae Castle??Macduff International Ltd.0-
Cutty SarkScotlandBlendedVery popular in USA !
Cutty Sark - Emerald
Cutty Sark - Imperial Kingdom Golden Jubilee.
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DailuaineScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.Only used within Blended whiskies.2No
Dallas DhuScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.(Findhorn)2yes
Dalmore, TheScotlandHighland Northern12 year old, Single Malt. (Orange ?)2Yes
DalwhinnieScotlandHighland Central - Malt.15 Years. Classic Malt of Scotland.3/4Yes
David Nicholson 1843AmericanBourbonLouisville0-
Daviess CountyAmericanBourbonOwensboro0-
DeanstonScotlandHighland Southern - Malt.Also av. from Wm. Cadenhead Ltd.3Yes
Desmond and Duff De LuxeScotlandBlendClydesdale Distillery--
Dew of Ben NevisScotlandBlendAssociated with distiller "Long John" MacDonald.1No
Dewar'sScotlandBlendDewar's White Label1No
Dickel's CascadeAmericanTennessee WhiskyCascade Distillery0-
DimpleScotlandBlendedAKA : The Pinch
Owned by United Distillers
Directors SpecialScotlandBlendedH Stenham Limited0-
Discovery Finest Scotch Whisky, Old Scotland?Royal Jubilee Whiskies Ltd. or Gordon McBain Distillers Ltd.0-
Doctor's SpecialScotlandBlended-0-
DrambuieScotlandLiqueurSecret ingredients. Sweet whisky liqueur.1No
DrumguishScotlandHighland MaltSpeyside Distillery Co. ltd.2No
Dubliner, TheIrelandCream liqueur The Dubliner Liqueur & Spirit Co., Dublin.0-
DufftownScotlandHighland SpeysideDufftown Distillery1No
Dufftown-GlenlivetScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.Used in Arthur Bells & Sons blends.2No
Dunbar? Local?Seagram0-
Dundee, TheScotlandBlended.-0-
DunhillScotlandBlendAKA: Old Master
Justerini and Brooks.
DunkeldScotlandLiqueur12 years old.1No
Dunphy'sIrelandBlendedMidleton Distillery.0-
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Eagle Rare
(101 Proof)
AmericaKentucky Straight Bourbon
10 Years old - 50,5 %0-
Early Times Kentucky
Straight Bourbon
AmericanBourbonA note from Dennis McCarthy
Early Times does not fit the legal definition of 'Bourbon' although it did many years ago. It is 'Kentucky Whiskey'
EblanaIrelandLiqueurCooley Distillery.0-
Edinburgh CastleScotlandBlended-0-
EdradourScotlandHighland Southern - Malt.The smallest still in Scotland.4Yes
Primium Whisky
JapanJapanese WhiskyKirin Seagram
EmmetsIrelandCream liqueur R. & J. Emmet & Co., Dublin.0-
Evan WilliamsAmericanKentucky Straight BourbonKentycky's First Distiller0-
Exec, TheScotlandHighland maltCornes & Company Limited.0-
Ezra BrooksAmerican??0-
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Fairlie'sScotlandLiqueur24% Light Highland Liqueur.0-
Famous Grouse, TheScotlandBlended-2Yes
(See Old Fettercairn.)
ScotlandHighland East - Malt.-0-
Finest Rising Sun
Scotland Whisky
Japan?A Copy Whisky.
(Not Scotch !!!)
Fleischmann's PreferredAmerican.BlendFleischmanns Preferred
Four RosesAmerican.?Four Roses Bourbon
Four Roses Black Label Bourbon
Four Roses Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon
Four Roses Super Premium Bourbon
Forty Creek CanadianWhiskyForty Creek Three Grain
Forty Creek Barrel Select
Fraser McDonaldScotlandBlendedNo - It's not a 40% hamburger.0-
Frasers SupremeScotlandBlendedStrathnain Whisky Ltd., Inverness0-
Friar RoydScotlandBlendedFine old Scotch Whisky - James H. S. Holroyd.0-
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George DickelAmerican.TennesseeWhisky / Bourbon
Old no. 8 or Old no. 12 brand etc.
Gibson's FinestCanadaCanadian WhiskyFrom Schenley's Gibson's range0-
Glen AlbynScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.(Inverness)
Distillery is closed
Glen AlmondScotlandVatted MaltHighland0-
Glen BlairScotlandPure Malt-1No
Glen CalderScotlandBlendedGordon and MacPhail0-
Glen Catrine?Vatted-0-
Glen ClovaScotlandBlended-0-
Glen DeveronScotlandHighland Speyside(Deveron) se also Macduff1No
Glen ElginScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.White Horse distillers3Yes
Glen GariochScotlandHighland EastMalt2No
Glen GrantScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.Malt2Yes
Glen Grant Directors ReserveScotlandHighland - Malt.21 Years old - Highland Malt.2Yes
Glen GyleVatted-0-
Glen HallyScotlandVatted MaltHighland.0-
Glen HunterScotlandBlended.-0-
Glen IlaScotlandVatted malt-0-
Glen IslaScotlandIslay12 Years old. (Alias Caol Ila)--
Glen KeithScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.0 Years old - Malt.1No
Glen KellaScotland-Isle of Man (Sulby)
Manx Whiskey.
Glen MhorScotlandHighland - Malt.(Inverness)1No
Glen MorayScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.Macdonald and Muir Ltd.2Yes
Glen OrdScotlandHighland Northern
Single Malt
12 Years old - Malt.
(Systembolaget Sweden says it's blended :)~
Glen RosaScotlandBlendedIsle of Arran Distillers.0-
Glen RothesScotlandHighlands Speyside(Rothes)0-
Glen ScotiaScotlandCampbeltown West Coast - Malt.-1No
Glen SpeyScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.-1No
GlenallachieScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.In the heart of Speyside1No
GlenburgieScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.(AKA : Glencraig and Glenburgie-Glenlivet.)1No
GlencuparScotlandSpecial Blend-0-
Glenburgie-GlenlivetScotlandHighland Speyside(See Glenburgie.)--
GlencoeScotlandVatted MaltMacDonald's Glencoe0-
GlencadamScotlandHighland Eastern - Malt.-1No
Glencraig (See Glenburgie.)ScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.-0-
GlendronachScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.(Deveron) 15 Years old.
100% Matured in Sherry cask's.
Glendronach Traditional, TheScotlandHighland Speyside12 Years old.0-
GlendullanScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.(AKA : Glendullan-Glenlivet)2Yes
GleneskScotlandHighland Eastern - Malt.Was a mojor component in Vat692Yes
GlenfarclasScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.J & G. Grant3Yes
Glenfarclas 104
Cask Strength
ScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.Please refer to Glenfarclas0-
GlenfiddichScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.(Dufftown) Pure Malt
Glenfiddich Classic
Glenfiddich Excellence
GlenglassaughScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.Sweet - with dry aftertaste2Yes
(See Glen Ord)
GlengoyneScotlandHighland South West - Malt. (Western)Single Malt.4Yes
GlenkinchieScotlandLowland East - Malt.10 Years old.
A.Classic Malt of Scotland.
GlenkinlayScotlandBlended(Set i Kvikly !!! )0-
GlenlevenScotlandVattedVatted from six single's.0-
Glenlivet, TheScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.Seagrams
The Glenlivet 12-year-old
The Glenlivet 18-year-old
The Glenlivet Archive
GlenlochyScotlandHighland Western - Malt.(Partly dismantled / unlikely to reopen)1No
GlenlossieScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.(Lossie)1No
Glenmond Highland Malt 87ScotlandHighlands.-0-
GlenmorangieScotlandHighland Northern MaltHey a highland with some caracter.
Also availible as :
Glenmorangie Madeira Cask
Glenmorangie Port Finish
Glenmorangie Sherry Finish
GlenordieScotlandHighland Northern(See :Glen Ord : AKA Ord.)--
GlenoraCanadaNova ScotiaOwner Lauchie Maclean1No
Glenrothes, TheScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.Aslo a Glenrothes 84
GlentauchersScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.Allied Distillers.1No
GlentromieScotlandVattedDrumguish Distillery1Yes
GlenturretScotlandHighland South - Malt.Cointreau SA4Yes
GlenugieScotlandHighland EasternNever official bottled.1No
Glenury RoyalScotlandHighland Eastern - Malt.East coast (South of Aberdeen)0-
Gold & GoldJapanJapanese WhiskySee Nikka--
Gold Classic? Local?Seagram0-
Gold Seal WhiskeyAmerican-Missouri0-
Golden CatThailandBlendedThai Whisky0-
Golden WeddingCanadaCanadian SchenleyCanadian Whisky
United Distillers Canada Inc.
Goldener SternGermany?Veb Barensiegel - Berlin.0-
Gordon & MacphailScotlandVariesIndependent bottlings.
Gordon Highlanders, TheScotlandBlendedFrom William Grant's brand collection launched in 1994.0-
Grand MacnishScotlandBlendedMacduff Interntional.0-
Grand Old ParrScotlandBlended12 Years old.0-
Grant'sScotlandBlendedWilliam Grants1Yes
Grants FinestScotlandBlended-0-
Grants Finest 100 ProofScotlandBlended-0-
Grants, WilliamScotlandBlendedWm Grants - See William Grants0-
Green SpotIrelandPot still 40% - Mitchell & Son0-
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Haig DimpleScotland(See : Dimple)--
Haig & HaigScotlandBlended40%--
Haig Gold labelScotlandJohn Haig - Blended Scotch whisky - Edingburg.40%--
Hankey BannisterScotlandBlended Scotch whiskyOwned by Inverhouse3Yes
HarvardAmericaRyeKlein Bros, Cincinnali, O.0-
HeathScotlandScotch Blended Whisky40%
Destilled blended and Bottled by Bruce & companu (Leith) Ltd.
Edingburgh Scotland.
Heather CreamScotlandCream liqueur.17%0-
Heaven HillAmericanKentucky Straight Bourbon80 proof and 90 proof varieties (40% & 50%)
Widely available in the United States. Denmark?
HewittsIrelandBlended40% - Midleton Distillery.0-
Hielanman, The
Old Liqueur
HiJapanBlendedSee Nikka--
Highland & IslandScotlandBlended Highland & Islay.-0-
Highland FusilierScotland-All Malt Scotch Whisky0-
Highland GoldScotlandBlend-0-
Highland LegendScotlandBlended-0-
Highland MistScotlandScotchSee Barton Brands Ltd.0-
Highland ParkScotlandIsland Orkney - Malt.12 Years old.4Yes
Highland QueenScotlandBlendedThe Highland Queen is named in honour of Scotland's illfated monarch Hm. Mary Stewart.
MacDonald & Muir
Highland WelcomeScotland? Scotch Mactay's old Scotch Whisky.0-
Hill and HillAmericaKentucky Straight Bourbon-0-
House of LordsScotland?Blended1No
House of StuartScotlandScotchSee Barton Brands Ltd.--
HunterIrish ??Info from : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.0/1No
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I.W.HarperAmericanKentucky Straight BourbonI. W. Harper Distilling Company0-
ImmortalScotlandBlendedGordon and MacPhail..0-
ImperialScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.Only found in independent bottlings.
Imperial Blue? Local?Seagram.0-
InchgowerScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.The Inchgower distillery was built in 1871. and expanded in 1966.2Yes
InchmurrinScotlandWestern Highland - Malt.Produces another malt called Old Rhosdhu.0-
InishowenIrelandBlended.40% - Cooley Distillery.0-
InverHouseScotlandBlendedtry http://www.inverhouse.com0-
Inver HouseScotlandScotchFrom Barton Brands Ltd.0-
InverlevenScotlandLowland Northern - Malt.-0-
IoanScotlandBlendedOld Highland Whisky0-
Irish MistIrelandLiqueurIrish Mist Liqueur Co., Tullamore, Co, Offaly.0-
Island PrinceScotlandBlendedIsle of Arran Distillers Ltd.0-
Islay LegendScotlandBlended de luxeFifty fifty grain and malt with Bowmore showing what it can do :)0-
Islay MistScotlandBlended de luxeMacDuff International

(A special thanx to Gregers cusin :)
Isle of ArranScotlandIslandIsla of Arran Isla of Arran
The old Isle of Arran was
Isle of JuraScotlandIslandAlso en af Grinulf's favorites. 10 year, Malt.2Yes
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J & B JetScotlandBlended 43% (Justerini & Brooks)--
J & B RareScotlandBlended40%, 43% (Justerini & Brooks)--
J & B ReserveScotlandBlended15 Years old. - (Justerini & Brooks)3Yes
J & B UltimaScotlandBlendedBlend of 128 individual Malt and grain scotch whiskies. (Justerini & Brooks)--
J. W. CornAmericaStraight Corn WhiskeyJ.W.Corn Distilling Co.0-
J. W. DantAmericanKentucky Straight BourbonThe Dant Distilling Company0-
Jack DanielsAmericanTennessee whiskey(Not: bourbon)2Yes
Jameson, (John)IrishBlendedTriple distilled - Dublin
Jameson Distillery Reserve from Midleton Distillery
Jameson 1780 - 12 years old.
Jim BeamAmericaBourbon or
Straight Rye
Jim Beam Rye
80 proof (40%) Widely available in the United States. Denmark?
John HaigScotlandBlended40% - Please look at Haig--
John JamesonIrish.-Dublin (Look at Jameson.)--
John PowersIrishBlendBlend of grain and malt--heavy on the grain
The most popular brand in Ireland.
John's LaneIrelandSingle distillery
Irish whiskey.
John's Lane Distillery.1No
Johnes RoadIrelandSingle distillery
Irish whiskey.
Johnes Road Distillery.0-
Johnnie WalkerScotland.BlendedUnited Distillers Ltd.3Yes
JTS Brown Whiskey??In 1971 it became Wild Turkey

A request from : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I would like information on this Whiskey. They drank in the movie THE HUSTLER with Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason
If You have some info I would love to se it.
JuraScotlandMaltIsle of Jura ?0-
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KaruizawaJapanStraight MaltOcean Whisky0-
KasauliIndiaPure MaltKasuali Distillery0-
Kelt MaltScotlandWhiskyVatted Malt0No
KenlochScotch/CanadianMaltGlenora Distillers
Nova Scotia ?
Kentucky BeauAmericanBourbonOwensboro0-
Kentucky GentlemanAmericanKentucky Straight BourbonBarton Distilling Co. - See Barton--
Kentucky TavernAmericanBourbonBarton Distilling Co. - See Barton--
Irish whiskey
Cooley Distillery.2Yes
KinclaithScotlandLowland Western(Last builded still in Glasgow)
The distillery no longer stands.
King George.UK England.Scotch blend.The Distillers Agency Ltd., Edingburgh
Known sentence from the label : "Say when, Man !!"
Japan?See Nikka--
KininvieScotlandMaltWm Grant & Sons Ltd.1Yes
Kioke JikomiJapanMaltLaunched by Suntory in 1992 from the Hakushu East distillery.0-
Kittling RidgeCanada(Forty creek)Owner John Hall1No
Knob CreekAmerican'Small Batch' BourbonA recommendation from : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.0-
KnockandoScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.Single Malt ? Years. Depends of season.
(May 1997 - CP's favorite.)
KnockdhuScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.(To avoid confusio with Knockando, changed name to : An Cnoc)--
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LadyburnScotlandLowland South West.-0-
LagavulinScotlandIslay - Malt.Island West Coast. 16 Years - Malt.
Recommended by Grinulf.
Also a Classic Malt of Scotland. : -
New Zealand
Single malt.Made in Dunedin (An old name for Edingburg)
Wilson's Distillery
LangsScotlandBlendedLangs Supreme
Langs Selected
LaphroaigScotlandIslay West Coast - Malt.10 Years 40% or Cask Strength
15 Years old 43%
Laphroaig Cask Strengh - 10 Years old
Lauder's Finest
Lauder's Scotch
ScotlandBlendedMacduff Internatinal.0-
Lauder's ScotchScotlandScotchFrom Barton Brands Ltd.- See Barton--
Ledaig (Tobermory)ScotlandMaltTobermory1Yes
Lem Motlow's
AmericanSour MashJack Daniel Distillery0-
LinkwoodScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.(Loosie)0-
Littlemill.ScotlandLowland Western - Malt.8 Years Old. 40% vol2Yes
Loch DhuScotlandSpeysideThe Black Whisky1Yes
Loch Fyne, TheScotlandBlendedLoch Fynes Whiskies0-
Loch LomondScotlandHighland South Western.-0-
Loch Lomond Campbletown.ScotlandCampbletown14 Y.O 40%0-
Loch Lomond Highland.ScotlandHighland15 Y.O 40%.0-
Loch Lomond Islay.ScotlandIslay18 Y.O 40%.0-
Loch Lomond Lowland.ScotlandLowland17 Y.O. - 40%.0-
Loch Lomond Speyside.ScotlandSpeyside15 Y.O. 40%.0-
Loch IndaalScotlandIslay-0-
Loch RanzaScotlandBlendedIsle of Arran Distillers Ltd.0-
Lochnagar, RoyalScotlandHighland EasternPlease refer to : Royal Lochnagar.--
LochsideScotlandHighland Eastern - Malt-0-
Locke'sIrelandBlendedCooley Distillery.0-
LomondScotlandLowland Western.AKA : Loch Lomond0-
Long JohnScotlandBlendedLong John distilleries - Dumbarton - Scotland0-
LongmornScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.15 Years old - Malt - 43%Vol.
(or 15 Y.O. 45%)
LongrowScotlandCampbeltown.(See also Springbank)1Yes
Lord CalvertCanadian--0-
Lucky StrikeCanadaRye WhiskeyAmerican Rye Whisky
Consolidated Distilleries Limited.
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Mac Na Mara
Mac ScotScotlandBlended-0-
Macallan, TheScotlandHighland Speyside
12-18-25 Years old
or vintage.
MacduffScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.See also Glen Deveron1No
Macduff, StewartScotlandBlendedMacduff International.0-
MacLeod'sScotlandBlendedMacLeod's Isle of Skye and Isle of Skye Blended, Isle of Skye 8 years old.0-
MacNaughtonCanadaCanadian WhiskyFrom Barton Brands Ltd. - See Barton--
Macphail'sUKSingle MaltSee Gordon & MacPhail--
Maker's MarkAmericanSmall Batch BourbonVol : 45%.
Maker's Mark is more properly refered to as 'Small Batch Bourbon' rather than 'Kentucky'
MannochmoreScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.(Lossie)1yes
Master Blend? LocalBlend ?Seagram0-
McBain Special?Blend ?Gordon McBain Distillers Ltd.0-
McMaster'sCanadaCanadian WhiskyMcMasters From Barton Brands Ltd. / See Barton--
McMaster'sScotlandScotchFrom Barton Brands Ltd.0-
Meaghers 1878CanadaCanadian Rye Whisky-0-
Memorial 50JapanJapanese WhiskySee Nikka--
Michel Couvreur 12Scotch (France)Pure malt.12 Years Old Pure Malt.3No
Michel Couvreur Single-SingleScotch (France)Single-Single Malt27 Years old.2No
Michter's WhiskeyAmericaSour Mash WhiskeyPennsylvania0-
MidletonIrishVery rare.Triple stilled. 40% vol.3Yes
Migratory Bird-Bourbon.-0-
Millars Special ReserveIrelandBlendedCooley Distillery0-
MillburnScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.(Inverness).0-
MillwoodIrelandCream LiqueurRoyal Cooymans B. V.0-
MiltonduffScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.(Lossie)3Yes
Mitchell'sScotlandBlendSpringbank distillery in Campbeltown0-
MortlachScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.(Duftown)2Yes
MosstowieScotlandSpeyside - Malt.-0-
Mount VernonAmericaBlendNational Distillers Products Co.0-
Mr. Boston Five StarCanadaCanadian WhiskyFrom Barton Brands Ltd. / See Barton--
Irish Whiskey
Murree'sPakistanMalt WhiskyMurree Brewery Co Ltd.0-
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Natu Nobilis? Local?Seagram0-
Ne Plus UltraScotlandScotch de LuxeJohn Dewars & Sons Ltd.0-
News 1000JapanJapanese WhiskyKirin Seagram0-
NicholsAmericaBlended Whiskey86 proof
Austin Nichols Distilling Company
Nikka WhiskyJapanVariesNikka1yes
North BritishGBGrain-0-
North BrookAmericaStraight RyeQuality Control Distilling Co.0-
North of ScotlandScotlandGrain-0-
North PortScotlandHighland Eastern.Closed in 1983...
The name indicates the North Gate of the small,
oncewalled city of Brechin.
North Port-BrechinScotlandHighland Eastern.-0-
Northern LightCanadaCanadian WhiskyFrom Barton Brands Ltd.--
NorthlandJapanJapanese WhiskySee Nikka--
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O'DarbyIrelandCream LiqueurJ. J. O'Darby Ltd.0-
ObanScotlandHighland Western - Malt.14 Years 43% - Single Malt. Classic Malt of Scotland.3Yes
Ocean, Special OldJapan?Ocean Whisky0-
Old BushmillsIrishMaltOld Bushmills Black Bush , Old Bushmills Red... (See Bushmills)--
Old CharterAmericanKentucky Straight BourbonOld Charter Distilling Co.0-
Old CobbAustraliaBlended Taylor Ferguson & co. pty. ltd., Melbourne.0-
Old ComberIrishPure Pot still30 Years old. - Comber.0-
Old CourtScotlandBlendedCampbeltown0-
Old CrowCanadaBourbon WhiskeyConsolidated Distilleries Limited.
Remark from Joe Keane :
In your whiskey list, you show Old Crow as Canadian. Maybe it is made there too, but the ones i see say "Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey" and "Old Crow Distillery Company / Frankfort . Clermont, KY".
Old FettercairnScotlandHighland Eastern.-2Yes
Old FitzgeraldAmericanBourbonLouisville0-
Old ForesterAmericanKentucky Straight BourbonOld Forester Distilling Company0-
Old Grand-DadAmericaKentucky Straight BourbonThe Old Grand-Dad Distillery Company0-
Old Grand-DadCanadaBourbon WhiskeyConsolidated Distilleries Limited.0-
Old HickoryAmericanBourbon-0-
Old KentuckyCanadaBourbon WhiskeyConsolidated Distilleries Limited.0-
Old LandItalian-FS says Yak0-
Old Man of HoyScotlandHighland-0-
Old OverholtAmericanStraight RyeA note from Dennis McCarthy
It is 'Straight Rye' rather than 'Pennsylvania,' at least by American terminology.
Old Parr, GrandScotlandBlended - De luxePlease refer to Grand Old Parr.0-
Old PotreroAmericanSingle Malt Rye124 proof (62%) Available only in a few restaurants in select cities right now.0-
Old PulteneyScotlandHighland NorthernInver House
Please refer to Pulteney
Old PulteneyScotlandScotchSingle Malt From Barton Brands Ltd.0-
Old RhosdhuScotlandHighland40% vol.0-
Old Rip Van WinkleAmericanBourbonKentucky Straight Bourbon
Handmade Bourbon
Old RipyAmericaWhiskeyThe American Medicinal Spirit Company0-
Old SmugglerScotlandBlendedBlended and bottled by Jas. & Geo. Stodart Ltd.
Distillers - Forres, Dumbarton & Glasgow - Scotland
Old Spring WaterAmerica?Bowling Green, town in South of Kentucky0-
Old St. AndrewsScotlandBlendedNamed after the golfcourse in Fife.1yes
Old TaylorAmericaKentucky Straight Bourbon6 Years old.0-
Old ThompsonAmericaBlendedBarton0-
Old WellerAmericanBourbonW. L. Weller0-
OrdScotlandMalt.(AKA : Glengordie or Glen Ord)0-
Original Mackinlay, TheScotland.Blended.Invergordon Distillers.0-
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PaddyIrelandBlendedMidleton Distillery0-
ParkmoreScotland-Still closed1-
PassportScotlandBlendedSeagram Company Ltd0-
Pikesville SupremeAmericaStraight RyeStandard Distillers Products Company0-
PinwinnieScotlandBlended de luxeInver House Distillers.
Moffat Distillers.
PittyvaichScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.(Dufftown)1Yes
Poit DhubhScotlandVattedPraban na Linne
12 Y.O 40% / 21 Y.O. 43%.
Poit Dhubh Green Lab.-Vatted12 Y.O. 46%.0-
Port DundasScotlandGrain-0-
Port EllenScotlandIslay - Malt.Western Isles - South shore.1Yes
Power'sIrelandBlended John Power & Son., Midleton Distillery.
Powers Gold Label.
Pride of IndiaIndia?-0-
Pride of IslayScotlandVatted maltGordon and MacPhail0-
Pride of OrkneyScotlandVatted MaltHighland - Orkney0-
Pride of 'the' LowlandsScotlandVatted maltGordon and MacPhail0-
Pride of StratspeyScotlandVatted maltGordon and MacPhail0-
Prince of Wales Welsh
Malt Whisky
Private ClubPraha-Spojené Lihovary N P Praha závoo RICHANY0-
Premium BourbonAmerican?Seagram0-
Pinch, TheScotlandBlendedAKA : Dimple--
PulteneyScotlandHighland Northern - MaltInverhouse--
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Quarter WhiskyAmerican?-0-
Queen AnneScotlandBlendedSeagram0-
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Rebel YellAmerican??0-
Red DevilScotlandBorderlineBell's 8 years old with Red Chilli Pepers.--
Red HackleScotlandBlended5 Years old.0-
RedbreastIrelandPot still Fitzgerald & Co. Limited.0-
Regent??Macduff International Ltd.0-
RittenhouseAmericaStraight RyeContinental Distilling Co.0-
Rob RoyScotlandBlendCelebrate to outlaw Rob Roy Macgregor dates back to 19130-
Robbie DhuScotlandDeluxe WhiskyWilliam Grant - Formerly known as Grant's 12 years old.0-
Robert BrownJapanDeluxe WhiskyKirin Seagram Ltd.0-
RosebankScotlandLowland Central - Malt.-1No
RouteJapan?Ocean Whisky0-
Royal BracklaScotlandHighland Northern - Malt.40%.2No
Royal CanadianCanadian.--0-
Royal CanadianCanadian-5 Years old.-0-
Royal CulrossScotlandVatted.40%0-
Royal HouseholdScotlandBlendedCan normaly only be found in Japan.0-
Royal IrishIrelandSingle distillery
Irish malt
Royal Irish Distillery.0-
Royal Jubilee?Deluxe WhiskyRoyal Jubilee Whiskies Ltd.0-
Royal Lochnagar.ScotlandHighland Eastern.Single Malt2Yes
Royal ReserveCanadaRye Whiskyfrom Corby0-
Royal SaluteScotlandBlended21 Years old.
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Sang ThipThailandThai liquere / Whisky?1Yes
ScapaScotlandIsland Orkney - Malt.(Near Kirkwall)3Yes
Schenley AwardCanadaCanadian WhiskySchenley Reserve
Schenley Award (Blend)
Barton Brands Ltd.
SconieScotlandScotch LiqueurCambletown0-
Scotia RoyaleScotlandBlended - de luxeGibson Scotch Whisky Distillers Ltd.
ScotsmanScotlandPure malt. Blended.8 years old. Pure malt/blended.
12 years old blended. 40%
Scottish LeaderScotlandBlended.Burn Stewart date from the 1940's0-
SeagramsCanadianVariesSeagram's 10 Years old.
Crown Royal
Seagram's 83
Seagram's Five Star
Seagram's V.O.
Seagrams Seven Crown - Seagram's 7 Crown : American
Seven Oaks Canadian WhiskyCanada--0-
Sheridan'sIrelandCream liqueur. Tomas Sheridan & Sons.1No
Silk TasselCanadaCanadian WhiskyFrom McGuiness0-
Singleton, TheScotlandHighland Speyside.(Se Auchroisk)--
Singleton of Auchroisk, TheScotlandHighland Speyside.(Se Auchroisk)--
Singleton of Auchroisk 81, TheScotlandHighland Speyside.(Se Auchroisk)--
Smuggler, OldScotlandBlendedSee Old Smuggler0-
Solan No. 1IndiaMalt WhiskeyKasauli Distillery0-
Something SpecialScotland-Seagrams0-
Southern ComfortAmericanBourbon-2Yes
Southern CypresCypernBourbon Liqueur--No
Spey CastScotlandBlendedDe-luxe Scotch Whisky - Produced by James Gordon, Elgin, Scotland.-No
Spey RoyalScotlandBlended-2No
SpeyburnScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.(Rothes)
10 Years old. 40% vol.
Also from Barton Brands Ltd.
SpringbankScotlandCampbeltown - Malt.The only operating still left in Campbeltown.
See also Longrow.
St. MagdaleneScotlandLowland - Central.-0-
Stag's Breath LiqueurScotlandLiqueurMeikles of Scotland.0-
Standard SelectionScotlandBlended-0-
StatusJapan?Ocean Whisky0-
Stewarts Cream of the BarleyScotlandBlendedAllied Distillers0-
Stone Mountain
Very old Whiskey
AmericanMedicine :)Bottled in Bond0-
Strathbeag??Macduff International Ltd.0-
StrathcononScotlandVattedProduced under the Buchanan label0-
StrathislaScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.12 Years old - 43% - Malt.
StrathmillScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.-2Yes
Sunny BrookAmericaKentucky Straight Bourbon or
Kentucky Blended Whiskey
The Old Sunny Brook Distillery Co.0-
SuntoryJapan(A Whisky Copy)Malt from 36 different Malts.
Suntory Pure Malt Whisky
Suntory Old Whisky
Suntory Whisky Royal
Suntory Special Reserve
Suntory Whisky Imperial
Suntory Whisky Excellence
Suntory Whisky White Label
Super Old, RareJapanJapanese WhiskySee Nikka--
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TaliskerScotlandIsland Skye - Malt.10 Years old - Malt - 40%Vol.
(or 10 Y.O 45.8%).
A Classic Malt of Scotland.
TamdhuScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.In the heart of Speyside, between Knockando and Cardhu.3Yes
TamnavulinScotlandSingle malt.Tamnavulin Distillery / Tamnavulin Speyside.2Yes
Tamnavulin-GlenlivetScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.Single malt.2Yes
TaysideScotlandIslay Malt-0-
Té BheagScotlandBlended.Te Bheag
Té Bheag Unfiltered
Te Bheag Connoisseurs Blend
TeachersScotlandBlendedStarted by William Teacher back in the 1830's0-
Teachers Highland CreamScotlandBlended.Allied Distillers0-
TeaninichScotlandHighland Northern - Malt.-2Yes
Ten HighAmericanBourbonBarton Brands Ltd.
TobermoryScotlandHighlandSome with no age statement 40% vol.0-
TobermoryScotlandIsland Mull.-2Yes
Tom MooreAmericanBourbonBarton Brands Ltd.
TomatinScotlandHighland Northern - Malt.Tomatin Distillery2Yes
TomintoulScotlandSingle Malt.Tomintoul Speyside
Tomintoul Distillery.
Tomintoul-GlenlivetScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.Now only called Tomintoul1Yes
TormoreScotlandHighland Speyside - Malt.-2Yes
Tree LancersCanadaCanadian WhiskyFrom Schenley's Park and Tilford range0-
TullamoreIrelandSingle distillery
Irish Whiskey
Tullamore Distillery
AKA : Tullamore Dew
TullibardineScotlandHighland Southern - Malt.-2Yes
TyrconnellIrishsingle malt, double-distilledThe newest single malt in Ireland.1No
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UltimaScotlandBlended.Please refer to J & B Ultima--
Green Stripe
Usquaebach ReserveScotlandBlended-0-
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ValleyfieldCanadaCanadian WhiskyValleyfield Schenley OFC1No
Vat 69ScotlandBlendUnited Distillers0-
Very Old BartonAmerican
Blend / BourbonKentucky straight bourbon
Barton Brands Ltd.
Very Old Black and White HorsesChileA Copy Whisky.-0-
V.O. (Very old) Golden CatThailandThai whisky-0-
VictoryJapanesewhiskyA cheaper Sankuru Oceans 42% vol. whisky.0-
Viginia GentlemanAmericaStraight BourbonA. Smith Bourbon Distillery0-
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W. L. Weller
Special Reserve
AmericanBourbonW. L. Weller and Sons.0-
Walkerville Special OldCanada--0-
Waterford CreamIrelandCream LiqueurIrish cream liqueur from Irish cream and Irish Whiskey.0-
White CastlePhilippinesWhisky100% guarantied 5 years old. :)1Yes
White HorseScotlandBlended.United Distillers2No
Whyte & MackaysScotlandBlended12 and 21 Years old blends.
Special Reserve
(See also Old Fettercairn.)
Wild Turkey.AmericaKentuckey Straight Bourbon
Straight Rye or
Austin Nichols1No
William Lawson'sScotlandBlended.One of the few main blending companies to move from England to Scotland with success.1yes
William Grant'sScotlandBlendedWm Grants / William Grants

William Grant's Family reserve
See : Grant's
Wilson'sNew Zealand?Wilson's Distillery--
Windsor PremierScotland12-year-oldSeagram0-
Windsor SupremeCanadaBlend
Canadian Whisky
from Alterta Distillers0-
Wiser's OldestCanadaCanadian Whiskyfrom Corby Wiser's range.0-
Wm GrantScotland-See : Grant's--
Woodford Reserve-Bourbonproduced by Labrot & Graham Distillery in Kentucky0-
WoodlandJamaicaJamaica WhiskyBottled and sold by Diamond Mineral Water Co. Ltd.0-
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YamazakiJapanPure malt whiskySuntory's oldest still. Founded in 19230-
Ye whisky of ye monksScotlandDeluxe Scots WhiskyDonald Fisher Ltd 0-
YellowstoneAmericanStraight Bourbon Taylor & Williams, Inc.0-
YoichiJapanMalt WhiskySee Nikka--
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# / No. / Numbers
No 10
Ten Year Old Malt Whisky
?MaltRoyal Jubilee Whiskies Ltd. or Gordon McBain Distillers Ltd.0-
100 PipersScotlandBlendedChivas Brothers. - See Seagrams0-
1492 Bourbon-BourbonHeaven Hill Distilleries0-
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