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News on AWA August 2012

Upgrading website.. building next version of Android Whisky App, but spend to much time drinking whisky ...

Ardbeg event in Denmark September 2012 with MH.


News on AWA September 2011

Starting to embed Google maps...

Updated Android Whisky App

August - 2011.

Created AWA Android Whisky App.

Added barcode to several whisky bottles and over 100 pictures on website.


See all whisky bottlings here or find the still by searching within the catalog (Down since virtue mart is slow and not available on Joomla 3.2 ! (select category)

The old Brands and bottlings (Whisky index) moves into the Whisky Catalog above. ( Currently you are able to Search in both. )

You can take a look at the "old" layout and site here

The old whisky index

Another cool Android app check