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Barton Brands Ltd. Barton Brands Ltd
Barton Brands is the nation's (Ed.: U.S) fourth-largest distilled spirits company.
They offer blends, bourbon, canadian whisky, light whisky, scotch whisky and other spirits.
Barton Incorporated Barton Incorporated / Barton Brands Ltd



Products by Brand



1792 Ridgemont Reserve Small Batch Bourbon

99 Schnapps
  99 Apples Schnapps
  99 Bananas Schnapps
  99 Black Cherries
  99 Blackberries Schnapps
  99 Oranges Schnapps

Barton California Brandy
Barton California Deluxe
Barton Gin
Barton Gold Rum
Barton Light Rum
Barton Long Island Iced Tea
Barton Peach Schnapps
Barton Premium Blend
Barton Reserve Blend
Barton Tequila & Triple Sec
Barton Triple Sec
Barton Vodka
Barton's Canadian

Calypso Gold Rum
Calypso Light Rum

Canadian Host

Canadian LTD

Canadian Supreme

Capitan Gold Tequila
Capitan Tequila & Triple Sec
Capitan White Tequila


Chi-Chi's Appletini
Chi-Chi's Caribbean Mudslide
Chi-Chi's Cosmopolitan
Chi-Chi's Lemon Drop
Chi-Chi's Long Island Iced Tea
Chi-Chi's Mai Tai
Chi-Chi's Mango Margarita
Chi-Chi's Mexican Mudslide
Chi-Chi's Original Margarita
Chi-Chi's Piña Colada
Chi-Chi's Premium Gold Margarita
Chi-Chi's Strawberry Margarita
Chi-Chi's Tequila & Triple Sec
Chi-Chi's Vanilla Mudslide
Chi-Chi's White Russian

Colonel Lee Bourbon
Colonel Lee Light Whiskey

Crystal Palace Gin
Crystal Palace Vodka

Czarina Gin
Czarina Vodka

Amaretto di Amore
Raspberry di Amore
Sambuca di Amore

El Toro Tequila

Fleischmann's Family
Fleischmann's Brandy
Fleischmann's Flavored Vodkas
Fleischmann's Gin
Fleischmann's Preferred Blend
Fleischmann's Rum
Fleischmann's Rye
Fleischmann's Vodka



Glenmore Gin
Glenmore Vodka

Hartley Brandy

Highland Mist Scotch

House of Stuart Scotch

Imperial Blend

Inver House Scotch

Jacques Bonet Brandy

Kentucky Gentleman Bourbon-A-Blend

Kentucky Tavern Bourbon

Lauder's Scotch

Meukow Cognac

Monte Alban Mezcal

Montezuma Blue
Montezuma Tequila
Montezuma Triple Sec

Mr. Boston Black Raspberry Liqueur
Mr. Boston Cocktails
Mr. Boston Dark Rum
Mr. Boston Egg Nog
Mr. Boston Five Star Brandy
Mr. Boston Five Star Canadian
Mr. Boston Flavored Brandy
Mr. Boston Gin
Mr. Boston Light Rum
Mr. Boston Liqueurs
Mr. Boston Riva Gin
Mr. Boston Riva Vodka
Mr. Boston Rock & Rye
Mr. Boston Schnapps
Mr. Boston Sour Apple Schnapps
Mr. Boston Screwdriver
Mr. Boston Tom Collins
Mr. Boston Vodka

Northern Light Canadian

Old Thompson Blend

Pikeman Gin

Sabroso di Cafe Liqueur
Amaretto de Sabroso


Skol Gin
Skol Gold Rum
Skol Light Rum
Skol Vodka

Ten High Bourbon

Tom Moore Bourbon
Tom Moore Light Whiskey

Very Old Barton Bourbon

Wave Flavored Vodkas

Barton Brands Ltd