Canadian Mist


Location :Canada,South East, Ontaria, Collinswood, East side of Lake Huron.
Region :Ontaria
Country :Canada
Type : Canadian whisky
Distillery : ?
Founded :?
Owner :Brown Forman of the U.S
(Also the owner of Early Times the second biggest selling bourbon)
Producer :?
Water :? - Perhaps Lake Huron ? but that is my guess.
Remark :This should be a very light clean tasting Canadian whisky !
The company Rider (produces brandies and eauxde-vie) is well connected in the whisky buisness as the domestic marketer of Canadian Mist.

Canadian Mist
Canadian Mist 
Age : ? years old.
Vol : ?%
Price? official Canadian Mist or related web pages.
Canadian MistCanadian Mist, try also
Brown-Forman CorporationBrown-Forman Corporation Home Page.
PO Box 1080 - Louisville, KY 40201-1080, (502) 585-1100

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