Tallant Distillery, Established 1821

This distillery was established in 1821 by the brothers Donald and John Johnston at Tallant Farm, near Bowmore. Excise records until 1827 show this distillery recorded as one of two 'Bowmore' distilleries. It appears to have been a true farm-scale operation with Angus Johnston listed at one point as distillery manager. It was never, however, a profitable commercial operation, perhaps in part due to generous drams John provided to visiting workmen and farmers. Output was as low as 220 gallons (998 litres) a week and reached 2,101 gallons (9,538 litres) in the year 1826-27. The business folded in 1852, although Jon's brother Donald and his son, Alexander, were to become successful distillers figuring prominently with Laphroaig's development. Tallant Farm exists today and many buildings from those distilling days remain, albeit some in a state of collapse.

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