Crested 10

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Crested 10 AKA Crested Ten


Appreciated by whiskey drinkers since its creation in 1963, Crested Ten is unique as being the first whiskey that the Jameson distillery bottled itself. This innovation heralded the end of Jameson selling whiskey directly to the bonded whiskey trade in Ireland. Hearty pot still flavours are balanced by delicate sherry notes on the taste followed by a warm, lingering finish.


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Crested Ten
by Jameson
  Crested Ten by Jameson
Age : ? years old.
Vol : 40%
Type : Blended
Price From the German Scoma Malt Whisky Gmbh : 0,70 l, value 43,95 DM
From the German Whisky Store : value 2002 : 43,00 DM. or 42,50 DM. (Doun't know the difference ?)
Remark : Michael Jackson says :
Jameson Crested Ten has the family palate, but in a lighter, cleaner manifestation, with a hint of sherry. A purportedly "sophisticated" Irish whiskey for Dublin's ambitious executives and businessmen.


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