Bakery Hill

As with all classic single malt whiskies, Bakery Hill Distillery use only malted barley, yeast and water to ensure the true classic flavour and aroma of real single malt whisky.

Unlike many other malt whiskies, no caramel is added to improve the appearance. We believe the addition of caramel dulls and mutes the exceptionally fine flavour and nose of our malts.

Production commenced using Australian Franklin Malt but due to supply and consistency problems with this variety, a decision was made to continue using the Australian Schooner barley for both the Classic and Double Wood single malt whiskies. Initial trials and production of the Peated Malt whisky were completed using imported malt from the UK. It is anticipated that later in 2005 several thousand litres of malt whisky will be produced using Australian peat. The results of this will not be available for three to four years.

Wash is produced in 1000L batches which is then traditionally double-distilled in a copper pot still. All the spirit produced then passes through a locked spirit safe.

The initial wash distillation, which takes on average about 8 hrs, depending on the charge size and wash temperature, produces a low wine which is at about 26% alcohol by volume (ABV).

As steam is applied slowly and gently, a more complex and subtly different spirit is produced. The low wines produced from a number of wash distillations is collected and then re-distilled carefully to produce a wonderfully complex, new make spirit which is set aside for subsequent barrelling at 65% ABV.

Barrelling at Bakery Hill is done using select American Oak ex Bourbon barrels. French Oak casks are also used for the production of our classic double wood style.

The casks we use have volumes of either 50L or 100L and due to the greater contact area for the new spirit in these barrels we find maturation takes place more quickly and gives the malt a wonderfully complex character


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Bakery Hill