New Zealand




Location : ?
Country : New Zealand
Distillery :  LAMMERLAW
Wilson's Distillery
Wilson Malt Extract Company
New Zealand
Owner : ?
Remark :

Lammerlaw :

New Zealand whiskies - the southernmost distillery in the world!.
Wilson's Distillers of Dunedin, New Zealand, make a blended whisky in the Scotch style, called Wilson's, and have released a single malt scotch called Lammerlaw, which doesn't compare too badly with other single malts of my acquaintance. They also, I understand, used to make a now-defunct line called 45 South.
A separate whisky, called Spirit of Dunedin, is a blend of single malts, and at $NZ 45 for 1125 mls (or approx $US 21 at today's rate) is a very palatable whisky, either neat or with something.



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