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 Finlaggan, Islay Single Malt Whisky

The Finlaggan does not exist as a distillery, but as a single malt brand under this name, inspired from Loch Finlaggan , one of the Western Isles in the middle of of Islay, and the residence and the stronghold of the Lords of the Isles (the Macdonalds clan that ruled the west coast of Scotland until 1493).

Finlaggan is very much the best-kept secret of Islay, as the name of the Islay distillery from which it is produced, is only known to only a select few in the whisky trade.

The style of Finlaggan is decisively Islay, showing assertive seaweed, oily, peat characters and countless layers of peaty iodine and smoky oak and a spicy crescendo on the finish


2008 AWA Note:

We can confirm that all you can see at Finlaggan is a museum (Perhaps finnished now,.)

Finlaggen visitor centre

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