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WhiskyBooks - Books about whisky in alfabetic order

Sorry no picture200 Years of Traditions
A Whiskybook By : McBain
Sorry at present time we have no futher information about this whisky book.
Sorry no picture200 years of tradition :
the story of Canadian whisky
by Lorraine Brown 147 pages
Fitzhenry & Whiteside
ISBN: 1550410946
Sorry no picture301 Rare Scotch MiniaturesBy : Maund
Sorry no picture500 Years of Scotch WhiskyBy : McColl
Sorry no picture1000 Years of
Irish Whiskey
By : Malachy Maggee
Hardcover (October 1982)
ISBN: 0905140710
This book examines the misty origins of uisce beatha - the "water of life" and tells the intriguing, colourful and controversial story of Irish whiskey before it earned its place as a world-renowned spirit.

Book description at Amazon :
One of the first single-volume guides to Irish whiskey, this book examines the misty origins of the popular drink before it earned its place as a world-renowned spirit. It is the story of an illicit industry that rose from 19th-century impoverished Ireland and of the skilled and dedicated people who refined the drink. This in-depth guide looks at the processes used to distill Irish whiskey both in the past and today and follows the liquor's spread from Europe to America. Included is information

Remark :
This is a rather old edition !!!
A to Z of WhiskyA to Z of Whisky
Formerly Book of Words
By : Gavin D. Smith
ISBN : 1-897784-66-X
Paperback - 224 pages (September 1997)
Neil Wilson Pub Ltd
ISBN: 189778466X
Dimensions (in inches): 0.56 x 8.49 x 5.42
Designed for whisky enthusiasts, lovers of Scotland and journalists who need to have all relevant facts and references about whisky close at hand.
The entries cover every possible aspect of the spirit (including American, Canadian and Irish) from aftershots to wort.
Appreciating WhiskyAppreciating Whisky

by : Phillip Hills
Hardcover (May 2000)
Trafalgar Square
ISBN: 0004724496
Book Description :
An accessible, jargon-free guide to understanding, tasting, and appreciating Scotch whisky, written by the founder of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.
From the Publisher :
As with fine wines, there is a skill to being able to ³appreciate² a good Scotch. But how does one attain this skill? Appreciating Whisky offers a complete course in developing a palate for whisky. Using specific popular whiskies that you are encouraged to have at hand as you work through the book, you will learn how to recognize what it is you are tasting and smelling and how to describe it in the language of the experts.

Appreciating Whisky: The Connoisseur's Guide to Nosing, Tasting, and Enjoying Scotch (Paperback)

The art of whiskyArt of Whisky, TheThe Art of Whisky : A Deluxe Blend of Historic Posters from the Public Record Office
Published by : PRO Publications
ISBN : 1-873162-67-7
Written by : Jim Murray
Paperback - 128 pages (September 1999) Keeper of Public Records
ISBN: 1873162677
Dimensions (in inches): 0.24 x 11.27 x 9.29
Comment from Jan Manfeld :
This is not really a whisky book. It is a book about historic whisky posters. If you like art or posters as well as whisky, this is a book for you. A happy book that makes you smile.

Sorry no pictureThe Beer and Whisky LeagueThe Illustrated History of the American Association-Baseball's Renegade Major League
Published by : Mark Rucker - Picture Editor
ISBN : 155821285X
Author : David Nemec
Not about whisky but the history of Baseball.
Sorry no pictureThe Best Scotch *)Nagaoka Shoten
ISBN : 4-522-21373-5
Japanese whisky catalog : Speyside, highland, lowland, islay, vatted, bottlers, and blended.
Nice pictures and prices per bottle in ml and ¥
Sorry no pictureBook of Classic American Whiskeys, ThePublished by : Open Court Publishing Company
Co-author : Mark Waymack
The Waymack and Harris bourbon book
Covers distillery tours.
Sorry no pictureCharles Maclean's
Pocket Whisky Book
By : Charles Maclean
 Sorry no pictureCollins Need to Know? Whiskies

 Collins Need to Know? Whiskies (Collins Need to Know?) (Paperback)
by Dominic Roskrow (Author)

Preorder it at Amazon

Sorry no pictureClassic Blended Scotch *)
By : Jim Murray
ISBN: 1-85375-297-5
Published by: PRION
From the cover inside : This is the first book ever to be devoted exclusively to the blend, with such famous brands as Johnnie Walker, Bell's and Haig.
Written by Jim Murray, the only whisky expert with both the nose and the knowledge, it takes us to the heart of each blend to unveil the secrets of its taste. It covers the history of whisky blending; the art of the blender - taking a look at the master blenders at work; along with an A-Z of over a hundred classic blends...
Sorry no pictureClassic Bourbon, Tennessee & Rye WhiskeyBy : Jim Murray
Published by: PRION
Book about classic Bourbon, Tennessee & Rye Whiskey
Classic Malts - The Scottish Collection by Carol P. ShawClassic Malts *)
The Scottish Collection
By : Carol P. Shaw
ISBN: 0-00-472068-7
Published by: HarperCollins Publishers.
A illustrated guide to over 85 classic Scottish and Irish malt whiskies and the distillers that produce them.
Tasting notes and pictures of labels.
Sorry no pictureClassic Irish WhiskeyBy : Jim Murray
Published by: PRION
Book about classic Irish Whiskey
Sorry no pictureClassic spirits of the worldBy : Brown
Sorry no pictureClassic Whisky Handbook, TheWritten by : Ian Wisniewski
Published by : Lorenz Books
ISBN : 1-85967-660
Comment from Jan Manfeld
A delicious appetizer. Perhaps a book for new whisky explorers or people who do not like to read to much text. A little too thin for my taste.
Collins Pocket Rererence book to WhiskyCollins pocket reference
Whisky *)
By : HarperCollins Publishers, Glasgow G4 0NB / Carol P. Shaw
ISBN : 0-00-472018-0
The essential guide to over 200 Scotch and Irish whiskies and the distillers that produce them.
Includes single and vatted malts, grain and de luxe whiskies, and the most popular blends.
Includes histories of Scotch and Irish whisky-making, advice on developing a palate for whisky, and personal record lists.
Sorry no pictureComplete Book of WhiskyBy : Jim Murray

Sorry no picture
Scanning in progress
Complete guide to Whisky, The *) A Guide to the Worlds Best Scotch Malts, Irish Whiskeys, and Bourbons (Pocket Guide Series)By : Jim Murray
Design : Carlton Books
Published by : Carlton
ISBN : 1-85868-450-1
or The Complete Guide to Whiskey : A Guide...
ISBN : 1572431512
Comment from Jan Manfeld
Contains descriptions of all Scotch, Irish, American and Canadian distilleries and tasting notes of their products. At last a handbook with tasting notes of all whiskies from the classic whisky producing countries. If you only want one handbook, this is the one to buy.
Written by none less than Jim Murray (my favourite whisky writer).
Sorry no pictureDen store bog om whiskyDen store bog om whisky
Af : Michael Jackson
Forlag : Nyt Nordisk Forlag
ISBN : 87-17-06812-6
1. Udgave
Dansk udgave
Sorry no pictureDen store whiskymanøvreDen store whiskymanøvre
Af : Julius Mern Andersen
Forlag : Samleren
ISBN : 87-568-1214-0
2. Udgave
Dansk udgave
 Ecosse et ses whiskies

by Michael Jackson (Author)

ISBN-10: 2263030980
ISBN-13: 978-2263030987

More information from Amazon

Sorry no pictureGEM Whisky BookPublished by : HarperCollins.
The best-selling guide to over 150 Scotch whiskies and the distillers that produce them.
Sorry no pictureIllustrated History of WhiskyBy : Darwen
Sorry no pictureJim Murray's
Irish Whiskey Almanac
Published by : Jim Murray
In this essential guide you will also find : The history of whiskey making in Ireland. How Irish Whiskey is made today. Distillery and brand histories. Pot still, pure malt and blended whiskeys. Rare vintage bottlings. Irish whiskey liqueurs. Poteen and Visitor facilities on Ireland's whiskey trail.
 Sorry no pictureJim Murray's
Whisky Bible

Jim Murray's Whisky Bible (Paperback)
by Jim Murray (Author)
Publisher: Carlton Books Ltd; Rev Ed edition (October 1, 2007)
ISBN-10: 1844421864
ISBN-13: 978-1844421862

More about this book at Amazon

Sorry no pictureLademanns whiskybogLademanns whiskybog
Af : Jim Murray
Forlag : Lademann
ISBN : 87-15-10140-1
1. Udgave
ISBN : 87-15-10234-3 1. Udgave Dansk oversættelse af Jim Murray's bog
Sorry no pic.A Little Book of Scotch WhiskiesBy : Derek Cooper
Hardcover (September 1992)
Chronicle Books
ISBN: 0811802531
Comment : Rather old edition.
Editorial Reviews : Ingram
A complete look at the history of fine Scotch whiskies and the processes involved in their production, plus descriptions of 24 distilleries make this informative little volume a very distinctive gift.
Livets VandLivets Vand *)Forfattet af : Derek Fraser - Forlag PSS. (Dansk/Danish)
ISBN : 87-89670-11 6
Danish Comment :
En af vores første whisky bøger - og bogen er da også god for begyndere. Desværre er vores en paperback og hvis den bliver flittig brugt som vores blev/bliver - så går ryggen i stykker og siderne ryger ud :( snøft...
Ifølge Derek Fraser kommer han med en ny udgave inden længe - opdateret og med flere billeder. Skulle også indeholde en CD - vi ser frem til en bog mere på dansk.
Sorry no pictureMaking of Scotch Whisky, TheBy : Michael Moss and John Hume.
Sorry no pictureMalt WhiskyBy : Charles MacLean from Malt Advocate
Information and photographes to fylly appreciate this magical spirit to the fullest.
Sorry no pictureThe Malt Whisky Almanac Af : Wallace Milroy
Forlag : Dansk Maltwhisky
ISBN : 87-985860-0-9
6. Udgave
Dansk udgave / Danish edition.
Malt Whisky - A Contemporary GuideMalt Whisky *)
A Contemporary Guide
By : Graham Moore
ISBN: 1-85310-885-5
Published by: Swan Hill Press
Lots of nice pictures and text about : The Historical Trail, Founding Fathers, How Whisky is made, The label, Scotland's whisky-producing regions, Whisky trail etc.

Comments from Mr. Graham Moore :
You may be interested to know that the book was published in Germany last September (ED: 2000) by Edition Maritim, and a new and greatly expanded book should be published (in English) in September this year. (ED: 2001).
Sorry no pictureMalt WhiskyBy : Nown
Sorry no pictureMalt Whisky Almanac, TheBy : Michael Moss and John Hume.
By : Wallace Milroy.
Published by : NWP
ISBN : 1-897784-26-0
Comment from : Jan Manfeld
Reference book. A popular handbook about single malt scotch. Does also contain information about defunct and closed distilleries. Smaller and not quite as extensive as Malt whisky file or Malt whisky companion.
The Malt Whisky fileMalt Whisky file, The *)
The connoisseur's guide to malt whiskies and their distilleries.
By : Robin Tucek (Background and history) and John Lamond (Tasting notes).
Published By : Canongate Books Limited
ISBN : 086241-650-7 (Second edition : 1997)
or Paperback The Lyons Press
ISBN: 1558216693

Short review by awa :
Most of the book is a A-Z of different Whisky brands, a description in general and picture of whisky label
Description on bottlings with tasting notes about : Colour, Nose, Flavour, Finish and a note, a 0-10 score on Sweetness, Peatiness and Availability.

Comment from : Blackadder
This connoisseur's guide to malt whiskies and their distilleries is packed with information and tasting notes, and the new edition has 16 more pages for you to savour!

Book Description (Amazon) :
For all those who appreciate fine spirits, The Malt Whisky File is the most complete reference available to the whiskies of the world, including those from the distilleries of New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, and, of course, Scotland. Offering a label-by-label analysis of each whisky, John Lamond and Robin Tucek offer helpful tasting notes, a history of each brand, and a rating based upon a proprietary scale of sweetness, peatiness, and availability (based on each label's total production). (5 x 8 1/4, 244 pages, color photos, maps)
The author, John Lamond (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , July 24, 1999)
THE most objective guide to the world's finest spirit "The Malt Whisky File" is my little baby.
The tasting notes began quite some time before the book took shape, even before the kernel of an idea developed. I have always tried to be objective in my tastings. We all have unique palates and therefore I cannot tell you for example that "Lochinver single malt is the greatest thing since sliced bread!". The great thing about malt whisky is that each distillery has its own, very specific, microclimates and wild yeasts; their water
Michael Jackson's Malt Whisky CompanionMichael Jackson's
Malt Whisky Companion *)

'The definitive guide to the water of life'

Editors : Lisa Minsky, Roddy Craig.
Art editor : Phil Kay.
Managing editor : Jemima Dunne.
Managing art editor : Tina Vaughan.
Copyright : Dorling Kindersley Limited.
Text copyright : Michael Jackson.
ISBN : 0-7513-0146-9
Extended A-Z catalogue features tasting notes on over 330 different malts.


Michael Jackson's
complete guide to single malt scotch

A connoisseur's guide to the single malt whiskies of Scotland

ISBN : 1561380814

More information from Amazon

Sorry no picture
Scanning in progress
Maltwhisky *)Michael Jacksons Malt Whisky Companion translated into Danish.
Udgives af : L&R Fakta. i samarbejde med Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi
ISBN : 87-614-0048-3
1. Udgave
Forlag : L & R Fakta i samarbejde med Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi
ISBN : 87-614-0189-7
2. Udgave
Danish comment from : Jan Manfeld
Opslagsværk oversat til dansk. Glimrende oversat.
The Original Malt Whisky Almanac - A Tester's GuideOriginal
Malt Whisky
Almanac, The *)

A Taster's Guide
By : Wallace Milroy
ISBN: 1-897784-68-6 (7th Edition)
Published by: Niel Wilson Publishing Ltd.
Distillery adresses, phone and fax numbers, Manager's name, Production and ownership status, Date of establishment, source of process water etc.
Pictures of whisky labels.
Sorry no pictureScotchBy : Bruce Lockhart.
Scotch Missed- The Lost Distilleries of ScotlandScotch Missed
The Lost Distilleries of Scotland
By : Brian Townsend
ISBN : 1-897784-53-8
Scotch Whisky Its Past and PresentScotch Whisky *)
It's past and present
By : David Daiches.
Published by : Birlinn Limited, 13 Roseneath Street, Edingburgh EH9 1JH
ISBN : 1-874744-36-X
Comment from the back of the book by Eric Linklater:
In this handsome and learned volume there is all the one needs to know about the chemistry of whisky, its history, and the growth of a cottage industry into a great golden fountain for the enrichment of government and the tax-gatherers.
The Scotch Whisky BookScotch Whisky Book, The *)By : Mark Skipworth.
Publisher : By Reed Consumer Books Limited for Lomond Books.
ISBN : 0-600-55291-8
Sorry no pictureScotch Whisky Pocket GuideBy : Charles Maclean
Sorry no pictureSchweppes Guide to Scotch, TheBy : Philip Morrice.
Sorry no pictureSingle Malt ScotchBy : Bill Milne & Roddy Martine
Publised by : Friedmann/Fairfax
ISBN : 1-56799-440-7
Comment from : Jan Manfeld
An unbelieveble beautiful book about Scotch malt whisky. Besides the captivating photos and very good descriptions it also contains recipes that contains malt whisky. This is a book for the sophistcated connoisseur. I love it - Buy it!
Sorry no pictureSingle Malt Whiskies of Scotland
for the discrimination Inbiber.
By : James F. Harris & Mark H. Waymack
ISBN : 0-8126-9213-6 (Paperbag)
Reference book with pictures of distilleries etc.
The Single Malt Whisky Companion - A Connoisseurs GuideSingle Malt
Whisky Companion, The *)

A Connoisseurs Guide
By : Helen Arthur
ISBN : 0-02-861780-0
Published by: Macmillian
A comprehensive directory of more than 100 single malt whiskies, including several rare and hard-to-find single malts, illustrated with pictures of whisky bottles and pictures of the distilleries, together with distillery facts, author's personal tasting notes and recommendations.
Sorry no pictureSkotlands guld - maltwhiskyBy : Charles MacLean
ISBN : 87-12-03297-2
Forlag : Gads Forlag
Dansk udgave ca. 200,- dkr i boghandleren.
Sorry no pictureStill life with Bottle
Whisky according to Ralph Steadman
By : Ralph Steadman
ISBN : 0-15-100310-6
Book about whisky added pictures & labels mixed with drawings / sketchs added with caricatures
Sorry no pictureSkotsk Whisky(Swedish) Allt Om Maltwhisky : Historia, Tillverkning, Destillerier
Written by : Ellsberger, Per
ISBN : 915183555X
Printed : 1999
Comment from Marcus Allerbo :
Här kommer en rekomendation på en ganska ny whiskybok, skriven av Per Ellsberger. Boken har fått mycket bra kritik i Sverige, eftersom den går på djupet om hur man tillverkar whisky. Tyvär så finns den endast på svenska.
Juuls vinhandel i Köpenhamn säljer den och de menar att boken är en svensk whiskybibel.
Sorry no pictureStory of Canadian Whisky, The
200 years of tradition : the story of...
Written by : Lorraine Brown
Published by : Fitzhenry & Whiteside
ISBN : 1-55041-094-6
Comment from Jan Manfeld :
A well written book about the 200 years old Canadian whisky tradition. Most Canadians I have met knew nothing about their whisky tradition. They should be forced to read this book!
Sorry no pictureVerdens bedste Malt & Scotch Whisky *)Af Daniel Lerner
Published by : Könemann
ISBC : 3-8290-1903-3
Gennemgang af over 200 mærker og destillerier med notater om alder, smag, flavor, aftapninger m.v.
Sorry no pictureWallach Milroy 6th.Published by : ?
The World Guide to WhiskyWorld Guide to Whisky, The *)Produced by : Michael Jackson for Dorling Kindersley
Published by : Dorling Kinndersley Limited.
ISBN : 0-86318-237-2
The first comprehensive guide to the whiskies of the world, illustrated throughout with colour photographs and maps, detailing the regional and national traditions, and geographical features, which conspire to produce such a famous yet varied spirit.
Individual tasting notes to nearly 300 different whiskies, including descriptions of every available single malt Scotch, complete an unrivalled, up-to.date blend of information.
The Definitive World Guide

Whiskey: The Definitive World Guide (Hardcover)
by Michael Jackson (Author)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0789497107
ISBN-13: 978-0789497109

More about this book at Amazon

 The Whiskey Companion

A Connoisseur's Guide to the World's Finest Whiskies (Paperback)
by Helen Arthur (Author)

Pre-order or order at Amazon

Sorry no pictureWhisk(e)yPublished by : Abbeville Press.
ISBN : 0-7892-0223-9 (Some ISBN may cross this is also Cognac by Axel Behrendt)
By : Stefan Gabányi
Lots of info, but no pictures.
Comment from Jan Manfeld :
An exellent handbook. Presents information alphabetically by subject, including whisk(e)y producing regions, distillers, companies, brands, bottlers and production methods. I highly recommend this book.
Sorry no pictureWhiskies of Scotland, TheBy : R J McDowall, revised by William Waugh.
Sorry no pictureWhiskyBy : Gavin D. Smith
Sorry no pictureWhiskyForlag : Sesam
ISBN : 87-11-13386-4
1. Udgave

WHISKY (Hardcover)
by Aeneas Macdonald (Author)

More information from Amazon

Whisky and ScotlandWhisky and Scotland *)
A Practical and Spiritual Survey
By : Neil M. Gunn.
ISBN: 0-285-63433-X
Published by: Souvenier Pres Ltd. London.
Comment: The history, Traditions and Nationalism of Spirit, Whisky Barley, malting, brewing, maturing and blending etc.
No pictures but some drawings by Fred Van Deelen.
 Sorry no pictureThe whisky distilleries
of the United Kingdom.

A reprint with a new introduction by Miss I.A. Glen. (Hardcover)
by Alfred Barnard (Author)

Find it at Amazon

Sorry no pictureWhisky Från hela VärldenAv: Urban Laurin
Förlag: ICA Bokförlag
ISBN: 91-534-1866-2
De stora whiskyländerna Skottland, Irland, USA, Kanada och Japan och deras destillerier presenteras ingående och ett flertal andra whiskyproducerande länder mer kortfattat. Sammanlagt behandlas ca 300 olika whiskymärken med uppgifter om doft, smak, eftersmak och tillverkare. De flesta av dem är också betygsatta med poäng.
MVH Sam Andersson
Sorry no pictureWhisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom, TheBy : Alfred Barnard.
http://www.whiskymiscellany.com by Iain Slinn ISBN 0954736001Whisky MichellanyBy : Iain Slinn
ISBN : 0-9547360-0-1
Hospitality Scotland.
Release date 31. August 2004
Read about the book at http://www.whisky-book.com/ or http://www.whiskymiscellany.com
Review : By Alternative Whisky Academy
First poor yourself a whisky
Look up the brand your are drinking. The book explains in short terms different whisky words and helps you to understand the process and words used within the world of whisky.
Sorry no pictureWhisky Map of ScotlandBy : Bartholomew
ISBN : 0-7028-1813-5
Compiled by : Andrew Elder
By : Collins
ISBN : 0-00-448885-7
Both looks alike and are produced with the approval of the Scotch Whisky Association.
Drawings and pictures illustrated and details of distilleries in Scotland at which visitors are welcome.
Sorry no pictureThe Whisky pilot
Aka : Whisky 98
This is not a book - but a CD-rom.
By : Uniqum systems. http://www.uniqum.se/ - Uniqum Systems :
Uniqum Systems sweden is the Publisher of the CD-rom "Whisky 98" and "The Whisky pilot".
Uniqum Systems is owned and operated by Christer Olsson and Fredrik Tholander. The company was founded in 1991 and develops multimedia titles and custom designed programs.
Sorry no pictureThe Whiskey Rebellion
Frontier Epilogue to the American Revolution
By : Thomas P. Slaughter
Oxford Paperbacks
The Whisky TrailsWhisky Trails, The *)By : Gordon Brown
A Traveller's Guide to Scotch Whisky.
ISBN : 1-85375-227-4
Comment : Travel guide to Scotland.
Planning a whisky trail to Scotland we can recommend this book.
En Whiskyverden af Jens TholstrupWhiskyverden, En *)(IN DANISH)
Af : Jens Tholstrup
Forord af : Søren Ryge Petersen
Forlag : Dansk Maltwhisky Akademi
ISBN : 87-985860-1-7
Danish comment:
En bog om whiskiens historie, fremstillings proces, ordforklaring og en sektion om geografiske kendetegn etc.
The World Whiskey GuideThe World Whiskey Guideby : Jim Murray
Hardcover - 368 pages 0 edition (March 15, 2000)
Carlton Books
ISBN: 1858688698
Dimensions (in inches): 1.24 x 7.85 x 5.71
Book Description
This will be the definitive book on whiskey and whiskey drinking, with every page a visually exciting and informative-packed celebration of the world's finest liquor.

Malt Whisky CompanionMalt Whisky Companion

Michael Jackson

Best $12.99!

The Beer and Whisky LeagueThe Beer and Whisky Leag...

David Nemec

New $18.95!

Best $4.57!

Appreciating WhiskyAppreciating Whisky

Phillip Hills

Michael Jackson's complete guide to single malt scotch...Michael Jackson's comple...

Michael Jackson

Best $2.50!

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Her til efteråret (1998 : Red.) kommer der i øvrigt en del danske whiskybøger - nogle af dem oversat fra engelsk. F.eks. Jim Murray's Complete Book of Whisky. Gad boghandel i Illums ved mere end mig. De har rimelig godt check på whisky-bøger.

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