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AccuFind AccuFind On
CyberCity Agent. Agent Danish Cybercity got a URL Spider / Robot !!!
All-in One All-in
Search in multiple search engines...
This site is a compilation of various forms-based search tools found on the Internet.
They have been combined here to provide a consistent interface and convenient ALL-IN-ONE search point.
All 4 One All 4 One The All 4 One Search mashine.
[AltaVista] AltaVista One of the biggest and most used search engines. American indexed webpages, newsgroups etc.
There is a Alta Vista Europe limited to search european sites.
Search the Web for documents in Anzwers Anzwers is an Australian and New Zealand Search Service. It is provided by OzEmail.
AOL Netfind AOL
American On Line's Netfind
Bassen Search engine og banner exchange. (Danish) Bassen Bassen - Links - Search Engine - Banner byt etc. (Danish)
Bigfoot Bigfoot Bigfoot. Here you can get yourself a free e-mail adress with anti-spam support.
E-mail   White Page
Try : Firstname Surname
Bigbook Bigbook - Yellow Pages.
Enter Category  or 
Business Name   
bigyellow Bigyellow American Search site - Yellow page's (US Only) Find over 16 mil. U.S. business listings.
Category :   Business Name: 
City :   Choose a State : protal på internettet

SØG hos Click2find efter I er en dansk engine og counter m.v. by Excite Excite Travel /  Search Over 5,000 Destinations!
Bubl BUBL British WWW-locater scient and knowledge.
Web-Index Dansk
Danish web-index
A index over danish Websites / Index not a search engine.
DisInformation Disinfomation
Search for on Disinformation.
Dogpile  Dogpile Dogpile Multi Engine Search tool.

Search and then
Wait a maximum of Seconds. Download  C-Net's download site...  Need pd / sw wares ?
@post.Danmark (Advarsel TeleDanmark) E-Post Danmark  Adressekataloget. (Teledanmark.) - Danmarks børnevenlige søgemaskine - Danmarks børnevenlige søgemaskine
The Electric Libary Electric
Eniro Eniro Eniro search engine - Denmark.
EuroFerret EuroFerret Britisk WWW-database with a index over european pages.
A Muscat site.
EuroSeek EuroSeek on
Excite Excite Perhaps you will find it here.  American WWW-search engine of full text www-documents and USENET newsgroups 
FIND.DK FIND.DK Danish search engine.
Four11 Four 11 by Yahoo.
First Name   Last Name  
Galaxy Galaxy American database of WWW-documents.
Search for:
Geocities Geocities launched a new Search section that is bigger and better than anything they ever had before. Utilizing Inktomi search technology, they fully indexed the more than 20 million pages members and visitors can discover more of the content. Goo Goo is the largest, most powerful search service in Japan. It is a service of NTT.
Go2 GO2 and other ? sites.
Google Search engine Google
Google Search Engine
Search WWW Search

Hotbot Hotbot. Big american searchengine with more than 50 million indexed documents.
Search the web 
Hotmail Hotmail Searching for someone with a free Hotmail email adress ?
WARNING : A Microsoft Service.
IBM infoMarket IBM
IBM infoMarket
Infoseek Infoseek Amerikansk database over WWW-dokumenter og USENET newsgoups.
Udvalgte dokumenter med noter. : Infoseek2 / alternative site!
Enter words and phrases

Web     News     Companies     Usenet    
Inktomi Inktomi English WWW-database with a inktomi search engine.
for words:
Internet adress finder... Internet
Last name: 
First name:   
Internet Sleuth Internet
American search engine making it possible to search in several searchengines in one request.
Search iSleuth  
Jayde Jayde
Joes Joes  Jubii/Joes E-mail katalog. Danish site./Denmark. Jubii
Jubiis Dansk udgave af Orakel Robot Indeks. - Jubii super søger - Som du måske allerede ved, er jubii's gamle søgerobot (JORI) blevet skiftet ud med en ny og bedre.
Ligesom Jubii, er Super Søgeren et dansk søgeværktøj, som stiller skarpt på Danmark med nye lette & stærke søgemuligheder: Jubii Super Søger finder du på:
Den gamle : Jori / Jubii's Orakel Robot Jori
Jubii Jubii A danish search site... 
Dansk WWW-database med emneorienterede indgange Killerinfo KillerInfo is a Meta Search Engine with Clustering and over 260 data sources in which we pull results from.
Kvasir Kvasir Kvasir search engine - Denmark.
Looksmart Looksmart Looksmart search engine.
Lycos: Your Personal Guide Lycos American search engine with chosen web pages and notes.
Search    for: Magellan ? = Url adress is : !
Reviewed Sites Only Green Light sites only The Entire Web
AAA Matilda AAA Matilda now available in 30+ Languages, With Servers in Atlanta (US) and Sydney (Australia)
MetaFind Metafind Metafind :

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Metasearch Metasearch
Mystartingpoint Mystartingpoint Search/Linx via Netscape to different searchsites...
Netscape Search NetSearch Search/Linx via Netscape to different searchsites...
ON'VILLAGE ON'VILLAGE On Village (Opentext Intranet.) Open
Amerikansk WWW-database 
Powersearch Powersearch Amerikansk WWW-database Radar UOL RadarUOL is the number #1 search service in Brazil. It is a feature of Universo Online.
? Colostate.... Savvy
Engelsk WWW-database der gør det muligt at søge i flere databaser samtidig. Flersproget udgave (incl. dansk)
Scrub The Web Scrub The Web Scrubby Search Engine (robot). Scrubby is the maintainer of the Scrub The Web search engine.
Search Europe [logo] Searcheurope Search Europe
SearchMalta Search Malta
Find   Engine
Search Thingy Search Thingy Search Thingy:
Shareware Shareware SHAREWARE.COM / Searching for Shareware programs ?
Search for:  by platform: 
Siteminer Siteminer
Use Siteminer to Search for on this site or the web Snap ! Snap! is a service of CNET: The Computer Network.
Starting Point(TM) Starting

The Web Other search resources

Dansk Sunsite SunSITE
SunSite in Danish/US. Universities...
Sunsite SunSITE
Need pd warez ?... Here's usualy a good bps rate.
Search Sunsite
Switchboard Switchboard People and business directory.
Thor Thor  En dansk indgang til AltaVista, med afgrænsning på danske dokumenter
Søg i 

Click Here To Visit Top10Links Top10Links
Virtuel Search Virtual
Amerikansk oversigt over en lange række af de mest populære søgeværktøjer
A bit like this page.
The Virtual Tourist Virtual
The Virtual Tourist / Ska du ud og rejse ?
Webcrawler. WebCrawler Amerikansk WWW-database over fuldtekst WWW-dokumenter
web-search WebSearch New !
whatUseek whatUseek
Whoopie Whoopie ! Whoopie !
Audio & Video
WhoWhere ? WhoWhere?
First Name  Last Name 
E-Mail  or  Phone & Address 
Yahoo Yahoo Perhaps the most populare site on the web.
Stor amerikansk WWW-vejviser
Dansk udgave af Yahoo Yahoo
Nok den mest populære search engine.
Nu oxe på Dansk.
100 Hot Websitez. 100hot
100 Hot websitez. (A top 100 list.)
100 hot Search:
UN-TESTED / untested / New or broken links !!!
Picture missing.
Albert  Or try Albert2
Kvasir Dansk Search engine i Norge ! :) C net's
searchUSAcanada Search USA Canada
World Wide
Web Worm
Amerikansk WWW-database
Directory - Searching for a X.500 adress ?
Gateway Gateway at
Seek... and you shall find...:)

Did you try the software Copernic 2001
Copernic 2001 is an intelligent agent that carries out your net-searches by simultaneously consulting the most important search engines of the Internet which are grouped under categories such as The Web, Newsgroups and E-mail Addresses. It features a history of your searches, making sure that the precious information found on the Internet is always organized and handy. Copernic 2001 is FREE and offers only three categories. The commercial version Copernic 2001 Plus, on the other hand, includes 21 categories, giving you access to some 125 search engines and specific directories. Additional categories in Copernic 2001 Plus are: Buy Books, Business & Finance, Games, Health, Kids, Life, Movies, Music, Newspapers, Newswire, Recipes, Sciences, Software Download, Sport News, Tech News, Tech Reviews, Top News and Travel.
Get it directly from Copernic at or download Copernic 2001 here.


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