George Dickel.

Location : Tennessee
Country : United States of America.
Type : Bourbon
Distillery : Cascade Hollow distillery.
Founded :1870
Water : Cascade Spring
Remark : Here's a rip from another site...:
George Dickel is one of only two whiskies recognised by US law as Tennessee whisky. To qualify as a Tennessee whisky, George Dickel has been through an additional, charcoal mellowing stage, compared to bourbon. Although this is expensive, it provides the whisky with an exceptional smoothness and a unique, deceptively dry finish.
To ensure the perfect whisky, George Dickel is carefully handcrafted in small batches at its Cascade Hollow distillery in the heart of Tennessee. This small scale is crucial as it allows exceptional attention to detail at all stages of the whisky making, from the selection of the raw ingredients to the choice of the matured whisky cask. It allows for the careful application of craftsman skills acquired over many years and the specialised knowledge passed down through the generations, which are at the heart of     what makes George Dickel so special.
George noticed that his finest whisky was made in winter and so thereafter he only distilled during that season. His example is followed now by chilling whisky before it is allowed to seep through the charcoal, a process which is unique to George Dickel's Cascade Hollow distillery. This extra process provides emphasis and clarity to its full array of flavours.
Crystal clear spring water from the Cascade Spring adds a clarity and freshness to the flavours of George Dickel and the purity of this water source is protected from any possible damage by 600 acres of timberland, now a specially designated nature reserve which surrounds both the spring and the distillery.
The effect of the attention to detail and insistence on extra time and care is a rich and complex whisky recognised since it was first distilled in 1870. It has a strong, smoky, creme brule and malt character to the aroma with traces of vanilla and white chocolate 'woodiness'. It has a full, sweetly-oaked character on the palate, warm, spicy and lingering: aromatic, seductive and deceptively dry on the finish.

George Dickel
Special Barrel Reserve
George Dickel Special Barrel Reserve
Age : ? years old.
Vol : ?% / 86 proof.
Remark : George Dickel Special Barrel Reserve, 86 proof. Hand-picked by Master Distiller David Backus. Only 60-70 barrels are selected each year for their outstanding quality. Part of the Bourbon Heritage Collection, a premium line of extra-aged bourbons.

George Dickel #12
Sorry no picture.
Age : ?
Vol. : ?%
Remark : None at present time.

George Dickel
10 years old
George Dickel 10 years old.
Age : 10 Years old
Vol. : ?% / 86 proof.
Remark : George Dickel 10 year old, 86 proof. Exported from the U.S., this close cousin of #12 brings a Tennessee twang to the far reaches of the globe.

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Advise fans of Jack Daniels to try George Dickel #12. It is the Best TN whiskey.
Beats anything Jack Daniels has to offer also - tried Knob Creek?  you should !

And another one from :
I  think this is he best damn whiskey i have ever drank......... official George Dickel or related web pages.
George Dickel. George A. Dickel & Co., Tullahoma, Tennessee.

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