Aberlour 100 Proof



Aberlour 100 Proof
Age : ? Years Old
Vol : ?% (May be around 50% abv.)
Price (in Danish kr. 100cls. : 213,- tax free in Whisky World - Copenhagen Airport) 



Aberlour 100 Proof
Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
An litre bottle of Aberlour malt whisky, bottled a few years ago at 57.1%.


Aberlour NAS '100 Proof' (57.1%, OB, code L320077 06? 09:58, bottled +/- 2000?, 100cl)
Nose: Big, sweet and powerful. Woody elements as well. Sherried, woody and some cookies.
Strong fruits and molasses. There is complexity, but it's not as apparent as in the 15yo or Antique.
You really have to look for it, but when you find it it's a revelation. Peaty (???) after five minutes.
With a dash of water more farmy and organic notes emerged, but whiffs of paint thinner as well.
Taste: Very drinkable at Cask Strength - at least for the first 5 seconds. Then the big burn starts.
Liquorice (root) and wood are the primary impressions. Very sweet with strong fruity notes.
Not unlike Spanish sangria. It tastes a little bit like sweet dough after I added some water.
Score: 86 points - but note that some breathing will improve the nose considerably!


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