The Tyrconnell label

Location : Ireland , Dundalk, Co. Louth
Country : Ireland
Type : single malt, double-distilled
Distillery : Cooley Distillery Plc.
Founded :1987
Water : Unknown
Remark : Cooley Distillery is the only independent Irish-owned distillery. It is also the only distillery set up in Ireland this century. Located in the Cooley mountains there are 2 distilleries, between them capable of producing 12 million bottles a year. The pot still distillery produces single malts while the column still produces grain whiskey. The malt was first distilled in 1989 and grain distillation began in 1990. Distillation is only part of the process. Maturation and casks are vital. The whiskey is matured in oak barrels for up to 10 years in 200 year old granite warehouses in Locke's Distillery, one of the oldest distilleries in the world. Lockes which is has held a licence since 1757, is owned by Cooley.

From The Scottish Collection Classic Malts by Carol P. Shaw:
Tasting Notes : The Tyrconnell is smooth, mellow whiskey whose light and sweet taste is complemented by a pleasingly dry finish.
Remark: Today produced at the Cooley Distillery, this whiskey was one of the prime brand of the Londonderry distillery of A. A. Watt & Co., which was bought out and closed by the Scottish Distillers Company Ltd in 1925. The original Tyrconnell was one of the most popular Irish whiskies in the early twentieth century, and was therefore a fitting candidate for revial recently by its new owners, John Locke & Co. In 1876 the name Tyrconnell was borne by a horse which was owned ny the Watt family and entered in the Irish classic race, "The Queen Victoria Plate". The horse's victory and its dream odds are still celebrated on its namesake's label today.

Readers remarks : Hi folks!
Det undrer mig, at I ikke har Turconnel (stavemaaden ??) med paa listen nogensteder. Var i Irland forrige sommer - naar man spurgte efter den bedste whiskey paa en pub fik man den - og ikke Bushmills!!
Mvh. Tonni Ottosen

A note from Dennis McCarthy
'Turconnel' is really spelt 'Tyrconnell.' It is a single malt, double-distilled Irish whiskey made by the Cooley distillery. It is absolutely heavenly--my favorite whiskey. It distills quite a few brands. Its homepage is:

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Age : ? Years Old
Vol. : 40%

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