Glenesk - Scotch Whisky


Location : Hillside, Montrose, Angus. Grampian Region.
Country : Scotch.
Type :  Highland Eastern Single Malt.
Distillery :  William Sanderson & Son Ltd. Distillers, South Queensferry, Scotland. 
Owner : DLC since 1954
Producer : United Distillers.
Founded : 1897 by Septimus Parsonage & Co.
Temporarily closed since 1985
Age :  12 Years Old
Vol :  40%
Water : Unknown
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Price (in Danish kr. 70cl. : ?,- )
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Words from Michael Jackson :
Although it is bottled under the distillery label, this Fresh, clean, lightly malty whisky can be hard to find
Component of the blended whisky VAT 69, bottled in South Queensferry near Edinburgh by William Sanderson. The Distillery is at the mouth of the South Esk River, at Montrose. It began its life as a flax mill and became a malt distillery in 1897. It was re-equipped to produce grain whisky around the Time of the Second World War, converted back to malt in the 1960's, and extended in the 1970s. It has been temporarily closed since 1985. Despite its chequered history, it has very much the look of a traditional malt distillery. Its adjoining Drum-type maltings are working.

House style Fresh, clean, dry. Aperitif.

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