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Location : Ireland - West South West of Dublin - Midlands of Ireland - Grand Canal.
Originates from Tullamore though it since the mid 1950 is no longer made there.
Region : Midlands
Country : Ireland
Type : Irish Whiskey
Distillery :  Tullamore Dew Co. Ltd. (Closed)
Now produced at : Midleton Distillery
Founded : 1829
Water : Unknown
Remark :

Tullamore Dew :

From the label:
The legendary story behind Tullamore Dew first began far back in the mists of time before the 10th Century when the Irish originated the magic of "Uisge Beatha" or Whiskey.
Golden Irish barley and pure, clear, springwater are at the heart of the legend. Following triple distillation the legend grows with the slow maturation for many years in oak casks while the light and mellow taste of Tullamore Dew develops.
You can enjoy Tullamore Dew on its own, with ice, with soda or water. Tullamore Dew is naturally ideal for making a traditional Irish Coffee.

Tullamore Dew (D.E.W after Mr. Daniel E. Williams) is the lightest of Irish Whiskeys. This Whiskey is very popular in France where its name is pronounced tous l'amour.

From the book 'Collins Pocket Reference' Whisky :
Tullamore Distillery, Tullamore, Co. Offaly
Tullamore Distillery was founded in 1829, well placed in the Midlands for distributing its produce via the Grand Canal. Throughout its history the distillery has been renowned for producing the lightest and most accessible of Irish whiskies, a tradition carried on today. But with the rest of the industry in Ireland, Tullamore died a slow death into the mid twentieth century. Its decline was offset by the success of its Irish Mist liqueur, but the distillery, still with plenty of stocks, closed in 1954. Since then it has been gradually demolished. Its products were bought by Power & Son in 1965, passing with it the following year into the Irish Distillers Group. In 1994 the business was sold on again to C&C International, part of Allied Domecq.

Tullamore Dew Co. Ltd, Tullamore, Co. Offaly
Tullamore Distillery no longer exsist as a whiskey-producing centre, but the name of its moust famous whiskey lives on in a new incarnation which is one of the most Irish whiskies in Europe. The distillery was originally founded in 1829 by Michael Molloy, but by the late 1880s was under the co-owner-ship and control of Daniel E. Williams, who had worked at the distillery from his boyhood. His initials were the insparation for the name of the company's most famous product and, in turn, for the deathless advertising slogan still featured on every bottle, 'Give Every Man His Dew'. The distillery fell victim to the recession in the Irish whiskey industry in the mid twentieth century, and today Tullamore Dew is produced in Co. Cork at Midleton Distillery.

Tullamore Dew
12 years old.
Sorry no picture
Age : 12 years old.
Vol : ?%

Tullamore Dew
Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey - The Whiskey bottle.
Age : ? years old. (6 years in general.)
Vol : 40%
PriceDanish kr. 70cl. : 175,-

Tested : Yes

Authentic Collection
Tullamore Dew Whiskey
Age : Varies
Vol : Varies
Remark : A typically light but not spiritous whiskey with a fragrant, sweet flavour.
Here's some comments from our readers..:

I have tried John Jamesons and all three of the offerings by Bushmills and I would put Tullamore Dew far and ahead of all four of the others in 1) colour. 2) bouquet. 3) taste. 4) after taste. 5) mellowness. and 6) smoothness.

How could I not have found it. My Irish elders say there is nothing that comes close to touching it. I agree. It pains them to admit they were born in Bushmills country when they find Tullamore Dew to be a superior whiskey in every respect.


Here's another remark from : John Soden.
Just found your site, and I can fill in a few of the blanks...
Founded in 1829
Aged for 6 years, generally.
Has a taste all of its own, but is generally lighter and more malty than Jameson etc. who use a greater amount of pot still whiskey in their blends....bottom line...just DEW it!!!

Här kommer åsikter om Tullamore Dew från Sverige.
Det är utan tvekan den bästa whiskey jag provat ( jag har testat en del) Tidigare var min favorit Caol Ila, men TD slår den med hästlängder.
Hälsar Åke Nyhlén

We Thank you for your responce...

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