Midleton - Very rare Irish Whisky


Location : County Cork.
Region : Northern Ireland
Country : Ireland
Type : Very rare Irish Whiskey.
Distillery :  Midleton Distillery. John Jameson & Son
Jameson Heritage Centre, Midleton, Co. Cork, Contact the Manager Phone 021-631821
or Whiskey Corner, Bow Steet Dublin contact Manager Phone 01-8725566.
Visitor Centre: 021-613594
Founded : ? (Over one thousand years ago) - other sources says 1975
Owner : ?
Producer :  ?
Water : ?
Remark :

Midleton :

From the Whisky pilot by Uniqum Systems :
Midleton is the distillery constructed by the Irish Distillers Company to replace Jamessons, Powers, Tullamore and more. It was built in 1975 and was designed using the latest technology. Midleton have the capability to produce pure pot still as well as pure single malt and grain whiskey and they also make a number of each category, each one with its own unique style and taste. Midleton also produce the grain whiskey used by Bushmill Distillery. The warehouses used at Midleton use pallets stored vertically to store the whiskey unlike the usual long rows of barrels found in Scotland.

From the Midleton Irish Whiskey Box.

Midleton Bottlings

Midleton bottling
Midleton 1996 bottle Midleton Irish Whisky 1996 label Midleton Irish Whisky 1996 box and bottle Midleton Irish Whisky 1996 label
Age : ? Years Old - Bottling year indicated / Vintage.
Vol : 40%
Type : Rare Irish Whiskey
Price70 cl 40% 895 Dkr in Skjold Burne (Tidligere Amager Vincenter)
Taste : ?
Remark : Midleton is the second best tested Irish whisky so fare...It's to expencive.  (Bushmills Malt is not that expencive.)
Triple Distilled by John Jameson
Testet : Yes (If Yes, comments below.)
Remark :Desert/Aperitif ?
Total Score :3
Personal taste:CPGIHTFSFRAverage. Bemærkning...Remark...
Package/Info0909---09,00 Fed trækasse med plast skilt og 2 små hængsler.Cool box in wood....
Bottle0505---05,00 Standard whisky flaske.Standard bottle..
Label0707---07,00 Ok, sørme med løbenummer og navn på still master.With # and name on the Stillmaster.
Prop ? Metal/Kork/ Wood. 0807---07,50 Bly indfatning, træ og kork.Led, wood and cork...
Color0706---06,50 Mørk rød guld - a'la Sherry....Dark red - like Sherry : \L\1onder why :)
Smell0707---07,00 Lidt sprittet - Wood. Ingen kraftig karakter.Medium - No spechial body.
Taste06/0706---06,25 Medium...Medium
Aftertaste0607---06,50 Lidt orange og lidt sød : \L\1n CP whisky)A bit orange... and a hint of sweetness.
Price/Quality0404---04,00 Alt for dyrt... 3-400 ville være ok...To expencive.

LINKS..........to official Midleton or related web pages.
URL : www.pernod-ricard.fr/gb/gamme/wirland.html

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